Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC Wednesday - Letter J

J is for Juice and Joke

The previous post was my 3Js - Joe | Jake | Justine

This is an orange juice with a mix of wine.

Here is a joke for ya'll. I got this from the spam mail.
On a special teacher's day, a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils. The florist's son handed her a gift. She shook it, held it over her head, and said, "I bet I know what it is - flowers!" "That's right!" said the boy, "but how did you know?" "Just a wild guess," she said. The next pupil was the candy store owner's daughter. The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and said, "I bet I can guess what it is - a box of candy!" "That's right! But how did you know?" asked the girl. "Just a lucky guess," said the teacher. The next gift was from the liquor store owner's son. The teacher held the bag over her head and noticed that it was leaking. She touched a drop of the leakage with her finger and tasted it. "Is it wine?" she asked. "No," the boy replied. The teacher repeated the process, touching another drop of the leakage to her tongue. "Is it champagne?" she asked. "No," the boy replied. The teacher then said, "I give up, what is it?" The boy replied, "A puppy!"

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Roger Owen Green said...

Never tried wine w OJ; interesting.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

That's rich Shy, that's rich. I was rolling with laughter at the joke. And to think that the teacher even repeated tasting the leak in the box, bwahahaha. Thanks for the hilarious joke. You really made my day. Nanay ka nga ni Justine, provider of joy in my life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Umma said...

Ewww..hahaha.. and to think she tasted how many times without knowing that it was pee... nice one tsang..

Lulu Post said...

juice and wine... dili ba ma da ug pomelo juice and gin? agoy klareks nga palahubog

Chubskulit Rose said...

yuck lol, ihi pala yun lol..

Rechie said...

puro man sad diay J imong mga langga kang mommyRose. hahaha kabuang sa joke, ihi naman diay to sa puppy ang gitilawan..kajoker!

my ABC Wednesday

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...klaro kau nga sige ug ba tsang? naghimo nalang unta ka ug margarita...ehehehhe! wala man nimo butangi ug asin ang imo!

hahahaa...ka siaw mani nga ko inahan!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

ewww hehe ... nice one for J entry
MY ABC Wednesday is here

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice abc wednesday..

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