Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pedia Visit

I used to be uncomfortable bringing my kids to their pediatrician. I said “used to” because for them going to the doctor means something painful is bound to happen, like a shot or ear cleaning for example. But through the years, and having 2 kids, I may have found a solution to keep them looking forward to their visits with the doctor.

During my time, nursing uniforms were just the plain old white ones. They were very dull and being surrounded by them made me feel scared too. But now my kids find the nurses intriguing because they come in different designs and color. Each scrub is unique and the colors make the kids feel more at ease. My daughter definitely likes nurses wearing pink and purple scrubs while my son goes straight to nurses in blue and green scrubs. As soon as they “find” their own nurse, they’d start calling out each character they’d find.

Hence, I'm glad that both my kids are done with shots for a while now. The last visit with the Pedia went well. My lil lamb chop did not cry when the doctor held her but she screamed when the nurse gave her a shot. She cried when she felt the needle in her skin and after that she was back to being playful again. She came home smiling and running not minding the four shots, and two band aids in both of her legs.


teJan said...

aw..dia ra diay shang...hahah ka bulok nako oi.

bitaw ako sad baby check up ug injection sad niya gahapon..but la sya mihilak pirmiro, ang ikaduha mitig-ik na..hehe!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Sana dumami lalo ang opps mo katulad kay Rose. Walang nagbigay sa akin nang opps sa mga links na binigay mo. Isa lang ang sumagot at i try ko raw after three months. Nagrerespond siguro sila sa mga mommies lang. Thanks anyway for your kindness and goodness in supplying me those leads. I really appreciate that. I hope you are all fine and in the best of health. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

PL said...

wanted na mi sa pedia sa akong son! hahaha! we haven't been there for two years now. i guess nahadlok na ang akong hubby sa mga vaccine shots. hehehe... visiting you here TBE!

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Genefaith said...

cute na kaayo mga uniform sa nurses karon noh, flowery in pink, blue and it..:)

Clarissa said...

awww...wawa naman ni lil Justine..kahit nga ako masakit pa rin pag merong shots..

Dhemz said...

mas ganahan pako atong sa una nga uniform sa mga nurse....hehehe...karon kay bisan nurse maalaan nga!

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