Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy Moments - Summer Plans

It's Mommy Moments time once again. What can I say, TGIF!

Let us talk about summer plans, do you have any special plans? Our main plan this summer is to move to a new old house. It an old house like 108 years old but for us that is new. Justine will turn 2 this summer, s a celebration is a plan. More time in the park of course that's another plan.

Last year's trip to New York City was the main event we had in summer. But this year do not know yet if we can go some place. Couple of my online BFF was inviting me to join with their vacay and EB adventure to Disney world. Hubby and I had discussed about it but we will see if we have budget for it. My sister invited us to go to either Arizona or Las Vegas. Come what may, what's important is to have fun for summer.

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Cecile said...

Wow, daming plans Tsang...mag 2 na diay si Tin Tin...exciting naman; Tsang adto mo sa disney? uban mi ha :-)

Unknown said...

Visiting from Mommy Moments mommy shy.. :) Have a nice day!
My Summer Plans
Shengkay’s Journal
Shengkay Random Nest

Mel_Cole said...

Wow Shy, to the next level naman gyud inyong mga bakasyon oi. lupad2x naman ug laing state. hehehe kami ani, next year pa gyud bahin ug ingana. Nindot ta ug maka-tigum ko ug daghan, pero saunz, adunay tabangan man gud sa nako sa Pinas. Good luck in your Summer Plans Shy, wish you and family all the best. P.S. sa Pittsburgh japun mo puyo? it is 4-5 hours drive from our place here Pennsylvania. My Nostalgia

Dhemz said...

agoy, bahala ug centennial na basta nasikit na sa inyong pangalang ok na kau na bayot....ka nice sa inyong mansion...ganahan ko kay wood floors...ehehehe!

hapit na mag 2 tawon si inday blonde...kadali sa una burot pa imong tiyan bayot...fresh paman kau tong nanganak ka tawon...ehehehe!

agoy, kinsa mani nga BFF nimo...ehehehe...kuyog ko! lol...:) korek, have fun this summer bayot...kay human na ang tingloko...d na tugnaw...ehehhe!

agi ko tsang...sensya na karon lang naka landing....have a great weekend.

Stef said...

Enjoy the summer! Having lots of outdoor activities with the family is really a great way to spend summer, right? Happy MM! Hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

kimmyschemy06 said...

that's right, mommy! good luck on your summer plans!

Chris said...

hope you will have a really fun summer! :D happy mommy moments!

Lulu said...

why o why naa man ka bff nga makig EB .... wala man tawon makig eb naho huhuhu

Simply Dyes said...

whoa, 108 years old! i'm picturing a Gone-with-the-wind manor style :) your summer will surely be exciting!

Thanks for peeking at my plans.
Don't hesitate to drop by my STREET.

Have a great summer!

seth said...

Summer is really here and we have to enjoy every bit of it... Happy Summer!

My Mommy Moments Entry

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Mabuti pa sa iyo daming nag i invite, sa akin wala eh, pero ok lang, wala din naman budget eh, lol!

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