Friday, May 6, 2011

Mommy Moments - Preggy Tales

First of, I want to greet all the mommies out there a Happy Mother's day! Interesting topic we have this week for Mommy Moments. pregoromi momentos hehe.

Telling tales about our pregnancy is a very long story. Imagine 9 months having the bun in the oven, with nausea, morning sickness, hormonal change and so on and so forth. I bet lots of fights and bitchyness too. Other may be sweet but to me not so much. So many fights from adjustment, changes, discomfort and feeling miseries but guess what I still able to smile when the camera clicks hehe.

In this picture I was prego with Jake. It was a wonderful feeling being pregnant and feel the baby's kicking and moving. Despite all the pain, discomforts and more nothing beats with the feeling of pregnancy and motherhood. The moment we conceived the baby, motherhood begins.

It was part of our plan to get pregnant right away simply for the reason that we both getting old. We did not think of Jake's feeling, that he was still 17 month old when I was pregnant with Justine and he was a little over two years old when the stork delivered Justine to us. He took a swipe on Justine when he first saw her in the hospital as he did not care about the baby.

Pregnancy the second time around is easy to deliver but hard or painful to carry. I experienced asthma when I had Justine. My body was not 100% great from the first pregnancy then got preggers with Justine which was a little bit bigger that Jake. However, during deliver she came out in less than 15 minutes as i was 8cm dilated when we went to the hospital that morning.
Share with us your ...mommy moments

How time flies by, my babies are now big boy and big girl.


Bette said...

You look lovely being preggy!

Your kids lokk really cute!

Happy mother's day!

Here’s my preggytale

Umma said...

Happy Mother's Day tsang... Blooming man diay ang beauty ni lola bisan buntit hahaha..

Tetcha said...

Great looking kids you have there, and you're a beautiful preggy mommy in that picture. Here's my MM entry:

MaiThreeBoyz said...

It's better daw to have them all at once. They can still play together with the narrow age gap that they have. You have two beautiful kids. i don'T have a post yet. Can't concentrate because of the eye problem, pasilip silip lang at panakaw na frontierville, LOL!

Mel Cole said...

Maayo kaayo nang imoha Shy coz you got one girl and one boy na. Me, still wanting a girl :(. Cute little dragons you got! Come and see my Mommy moments here. Happy Mother's day!

chubskulit said...

Ang ganda ng buntit. Love ko pony tail ni Jus.. Happy mother's day bading!

Laikka said...

hheheh..hambugira kaayo oh..tiad lang agi..takin dayon ang usa..hehe..super mom! happy mother's day Shang:) mine is up!

Anonymous said...

You look good being preggers Shei....happy mom's day!

kat said...

syalan man ning topic ron sa MM kay padagkuay man sa tiyan hahahaha.

Happy Mother's Day Tsang..hehe

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You looked great even when you were pregnant. All those ill feelings and nausea you experienced were all worth it because of the joy of delivering your babies. They became the apple of your eyes. Belated Mother's Day. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

simply kim said...

despite all the difficulties you mentioned, you seem to have enjoyed your pregnancy, lol!

a visit from Kimmy!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

sexy ka pa rin mars kahit buntis, ready ka na ba for the 3rd? lol!

Dhemz said...

agoy sensya tawon bayot, nauwahi man ko dire sa linya...ka sexy sa buros tawon woi...ehehehe...wala man ko naka apil tawon ani...murag nalimtan...ahahaha!

na bitchiness woi...sayunan ka ang hormones up to the highest level...ehehehe! tan-awa ra jud tawon ning imong mga buns...hehehhe...dako na!

Jona said...

great job on your kids mommy Shy! :D hirap din ng magkasunod ang babies but you did it! my Preggy Tales

Chris said...

you look so strong and blooming even while preggy :D happy mommy moments!

by the way, hope you can help me by commenting on my post at Memorable Moment

momgen said...

Vute sa buros awon hehehe...

Cecile said...

cute talaga ng mga kiddos mo Tsang; love the last photo :-)!

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