Monday, November 14, 2011

My Toddlers Over Used Vocabulary and Manipulative Phrase

Toddler have vocabulary of about 350 words or more and out of that numbers the NO and MIne are the most popular ones. Some of the many words that my J&J used all the time are these words below.

Me: Jake, put away your toys please?
Jake: No! Bye bye FNE!

How did he come up with that answer? Well, he combine everything he learned and heard. Since the little Miss is the master imitator and a copycat too.

Me: Justine put your bottle milk in the kitchen.
Justine: NO! In the table
Me: In the kitchen please sweetie
Justine: In the table, FINE! Bye bye!

These two also have their own annoying and funny cute conversation.

Jake: Justine are you happy?
Justine: No! I'm sad
Jake: No you're happy say yes?!
Justine: No, I'm sad, im crying
Jake: You're happy Uhmm!! (blagg) say Yes!
Justine: Yes, I'm happy

If only i could turn back time, I wouldn't introduced spanking to this little man, and now his hand is so light to spank the little Miss even if we stopped spanking him already. But spanking is part of the discipline. Parenting is very hard huh.

They also have this sweet side and phrases which most of the time they used to manipulate us. It's just too cute and sweet and definitely melt your hear when they start showering your with I love you, mommy, I love you daddy, sorry, give me hug, give me kiss, and so on and so forth. After the sweet moment, they will start asking something that you know you don't want to give and you already warned them that they can have it. And if you don't give it to them then another round of tantrums, fit and NO! FINE!

At the end of the day another I love you, nytnyt, give me hug and kiss. Of course there is always a BUT to everything. If they don't want to go to bed yet, they will answer you with "I'm not going nytnyt! Or I'm going to the white one (our bedroom), or No! Nytnyt, I'm watching TV hahahaha. Oh boy, the world of toddlers. You never run out of fun and amazing day to share.

Toddlers have their mind of their own. They say what they want to say and express their feelings the way they know how. You cannot force them to do things you want. However, baby and toddler years are both terrific despite of the tantrums and terrible invasion. Dealing with toddlers behavior is sometimes tiring and frustrating but what can we do they're still toddler and needs our guidance. That is why I need to buy a sack of patience and a truck of energy to handle all this words and perhaps play with them all the time. LOL *wink*


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Jake and Justine are undergoing what children of their ages undergo. They are cute and nice but sometimes can become manipulative to get what they want to get. It is just unfortunate that Jake more often than not uses force to get what he wants from Justine. You have to be very careful in preventing Jake from using violence on Justine just to get what he wants. These are all part of growing up and they will be more sweet to each other once they grow older. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said...

hhaha...mamuot ko sa "blaggg" pak! heehhee...ka cute jud aning duha...lingaw ko sa ila conversation....cute kau!

I always love the evening part...hugs and kisses are the sweetest gestures to end a day....:)

Rechie said...

wow dako na imo little Miss jud sis, maau naman mo talk. Ka-cute sa conversations nila and their vocabularies..haha "I am happy"

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