Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping your Toddlers Away from the Toys Section

How would you explain to your kids about when is Christmas and when they supposed to open their presents from Santa?

We were busy shopping for presents since last Thursday. It was Immaculate Conception and since Joe's work place is a catholic so they had holiday. This past few days, Jake was into Santa Claus and the presents he wants from Santa. We've been receiving gifts on the mail and he wanted to open all of it but we had to explain to him that he can only open those presents on Christmas.

It was exhausting explaining to a 3 year old about when is Christmas and Santa coming. Every time we explained that to him, he ended up on time out because he doesn't want to accept the fact that he cannot open the present right away.

At the Toy's R Us, before we went inside we explained to Jake and Justine that we will just looking around. He saw his favorite toys and was itching to grabbed one of them. Justine wanted to try the race car display and did not want to leave that area. They both did not want to leave the store without something in their hand so I opted to buy the $2 toys for each of them and went outside. Joe was inside the store paying for the toys but we don't want them to see what we got for them so we stayed in play area and spent all my quarters with this machine.

They switch turns riding in this elephant ride. While Jake was waiting he was also playing with this grab and go machine. We grabbed Santa only and spent 10 quarters because it was .50 cents each 20 second or minute game. I'm not sure how many second that machine would last but seems like it was so quick. I spent most of my quarters too in that Elephant ride because Justine was so quick in asking quarters to put in.

Right now I am using Santa to explain about the Toys. I will tell Jake that Santa will put the toys under the tree and he had to sleep lots of nytnyt before Santa gets here. Every now and then he would try to ask where are the presents and thanks to this Santa stuff toy because explaining to him makes it a little bit easier.


Czjai said...

I know the feeling, sis. My son will throw a fit if he doesn't get what he wants; being the only grandchild here has its downsides, too. LOL.

Recently, I have discovered how effective a pep talk can be. Before Yue and I go to the mall, I 'brief' him on what we're gonna do, what we're gonna buy, and what he's gonna get if he's gonna behave the entire time.

So far, it works with me. I doubt if it's gonna work on my Mum, who spoils him to bits. Haha.

Dhemz said...

hehhehe...murag si Akesha atong gamay pa...d kasabot..but am sure they'll get it soon...agoy, mau pamo nakadaug anang machine bayot...10 quarters pod diay ang nahurot...hehhee!

ka cute man kau sa outfit sa gamay nga dalaga...thanks sa visit tsang...sensya karon lang nakalabay.

Unknown said...

Make sure that the toy doesn't contain any lead. Toys containing lead can cause poisoning.Small children should not play with marbles, small bouncy balls or balloons.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Your kids are just like any other kids who want to receive presents from Santa and do not want to wait til Christmas to open their presents. In time they will eventually learn. In the meantime, try to be more patient with them. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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