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Lately, I have been watching baby videos of Jake and Justine and thought how did they grow that fast. As they grow, we thought that lessens our job of watching after them but it won't because you have to watch them like a hawk actually as they get into lots of trouble especially at quiet time and be extra careful with every single words you say to them.
[Photo taken last Summer during our Vacation]

I have been noticing and observing these two with the discipline we applied to them. Of course kids learns from the things they see and hear around them. My husband and I are both new parents and we both have temper as well. We all know that parenting is not as easy as we thought and don't have a parenting manual that we could use in raising our kids. Jake and Justine have been using all the words that they heard from us in a random situation and don't even fit in it. Example is put them on time, spank them, and some other courtesy words. But every time they say something that sounded like me, it cracks me up. I think it was couple of days I guess when I was in our room and Jake said, "I'm gonna out you on time out" and I said Ok. he put me on time out because he asked something but I was not paying attention and so busy making the bed up. That line is a very popular line that he heard from us when he and Justine are misbehaving. This is how kids think, they thought they can put their parents on time out too and doesn't get the idea yet that they did bad and had to be on time out and only parents can put them on time out too.

Well, I had this little game also that puts me off guard. I'm a stay at home mom, and I watch the kids 24 hours 7 days a week. Sometimes, I get tired of hearing the word Mommy and Mama from Jake and Justine because they are just not stop demanding bout things and even if their father is already home, they won't ask him. They would say, I want to ask mommy!!! fine!!! I was in the bathroom Jake knocked the door asking me to open it and I was tired. He kept screaming outside Mommy, mommy, open the door, so I said. "Mommy is not here", and he said Sheila open the door," so I said, Sheila is not here either. So he asked in an innocent tone like, What is your name? I did not answer because I do not know what to say. If I say something he will be using it.

We taught them our names so they know what their parents name are. Jake and Justine were playing with us yesterday calling us by our first name. Jake had been telling me like "Your name is Sheila, you are not Mommy, Your name is Joe not Daddy" Well, he is a smart kid and he is just teasing us. I don't get affected with it but Joe was already annoyed because he doesn't want his kids call him by his first name. It gotten worst because Justine was also following Jake but instead of using the mommy and daddy, she just called us with our first name like, Sheila! Joe. Then she approached her Daddy and said Joe. I was smiling because it sounded so funny when calling us by our first name from a two year old kid. But she almost got spanked because when she approached her daddy and yell Joe! Joe! she also took a swipe on Joe while he was in his computer watching the game.

Am glad she stopped when I said, sweetie stop it. I explained it's daddy Joe and mommy Sheila. And the silly game was over. Do you have the same or similar experience in dealing with your little tots?

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tatess said...

i know how you feel ,we are in the same situation . a 24 hours mommy. kids are growing and started to learn new things and we better be alert whenever they said bad words from the tv . just now my 3 years old son wants the laptop .he said"it's my turn mommy" .hehehe. good luck to us mommy's.

Tetcha said...

Kids are so smart these days! We already told Justin our real names (his Dad and I), so he knows what he would tell the police or guard just in case he gets lost in the mall. LOL! Thanks for the visit!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

We must really be very careful of what we say in front of our kids because they are great copycats. Sometimes they could not tell whether they are still playing with mom or dad or the situation is already real. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Ehehe.. Kalingaw nalang jud! Wait till they grow up a bit older, kay magbaha pa na ilang ka-kulit. :) Si Triz pud mo-address pud sa amoa sa first name, ilabina ug nag-portray na sya ug host kunohay. Americanized kaayo ug respeto kay di ga-auntie or uncle, ang first name ang gina-address jud. LOl. pero amo japon tudloan. haha.

Re: about paper, ang ginadala ni bana kay kanang mga colored papers ra, ang white papaer kay nagapalit mi ug tag-isa ka ream every time kay maulaw sya mangdala ug white paper. lol.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

tiyak lalaki ang mga bata na may disiplina talaga.....

Hazel said...

Kids are excellent copycats! I reckon it would indeed feel weird if my son called me by my -- well any other name other than 'Mommy' lol!

Jona said...

Oh kids! They can be annoying and funny at the same time. My son asks me why do adults keep playing in the computer while the kids can't. Hehe :) I told him I'm not always playing only but I use the computer for a living too. And he doesn't believe me then it gets annoying when he keeps bugging me...*sigh* you need to have lots and lots of patience when dealing with kids. They're just so smart.
Thanks for the visit shy!

kaileesteven01 said...

Very cute kids. It seems that both the kids have great time playing together. I always like watching such videos very much. Thanks for sharing this articles with us!

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Dhemz said...

hhahaha...namuot ko ni jake kay g timeout ang inahan...cute bya paminawan!

agoy, mura ramo diay ug barkada diay diha kay tawag tawag man lang ang first name...hehehe...ka cute sa J&J tawon....:)

na korek bayot woi...lisod pag ginikanan nata...arag nay manual sundon nga tawon...kita ra man maghimo sa atong kaugalingon nga manual...ehehhe!

dugay nako wala ka apil ani nga meme da.

mjrodriguez said...

your children are at that cute age. i must say i've never had this problem with my two kids. i think because the age gap is quite big. they do know our names but my eldest will never dare call us by our first names and my youngest follows her sister.

Chris said...

glad you joined us again this week shy! anyway, you are correct, kids this age needs a lot of guidance but parenting is a two way street. as we guide our kids, we also have to deal with ourself too. because they mimick and watch us closely.

parenting is heart work indeed!

Icar said...

hehe they are so cute,but I agree with you that it is really hard to discipline our kids-I Guess all parents went through the same process....I think it is really a hit and miss every kid is different and should be treated according to their attitude or behavior so that leaves us implementing different ways and method for each kid...

late visit from MM!new GFC follower here...

Elisebet F said...

My son isn't that old yet (just turned a year), so we haven't had to worry that much yet about discipline. Basically, just enforcing things and not giving in when he has a temper tantrum.

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