Monday, January 9, 2012

RT - Poinsettia |Terrible twos, Tantrum and Brat Invasion

Got this poinsettia from my MIL when she visited over on Christmas day. I love this plant.

Some mother would probably can relate to this terrible twos and the overloaded No nos. I tried to put this girl to bed but she doesn't wanna go to bed yet. And she is manipulative too. She was using the name of daddy and Jake to get out from her room. She was freaking angry at first so I hurriedly ran and took my camera downstairs and video tape take her. One day when she will be old enough, I'll show her this video. I teased hier a bit because she so cute when she gets mad. That tiny arms crossing in her chest and that tiny finger pointing at me.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Children love to get their own way if they can! And they will try any means to get it! And yes! Your little one does look cute when she's angry!

Lainy said...

Hahaha! Nalingaw ko sa iyang syagit nga pagkadakong NOOOOOOO! LOL! Murag korek na kaau mutudlo-tudlo nimo, Shei. Hahahaha!

I love how she tried to manipulate: Justine is my brother! LOL!

Makalingaw! First time nako dungog sa imong voice Shei, with accent na jud ka, Hehehe!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Justine is very fluent already and she talks as though she is already a grown up. She was asking for her daddy. Is she a daddy's girl? She's no longer a baby but a kid already. My, how time flies. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh yes....there is nothing like the color of a poinsettia for the holidays!!


Jessica said...

I love the flower plus enjoy kaau ko tan-aw sa imong maldita na anak, asa man na giliwat? Laag from Ruby Tuesday 2, hope that you can return the laag pud.

Admin said...

i love all flowers esp. poinsettia...but love most the cakes on the sides of the flower here..hehe..

salamat sa visit guapz!
mine is here

cassandrasminicorner said...

Bantay ka girl kay Mommy nimo ga keep ug evidence..he,he!! But, she is such a doll Mommy..So lambing pa gyud kau ang voice ni Justine:)

Visiting for RT 2 ! Here's my share- hope you can visit:)

Robin said...

She's adorable, but I wouldn't go back to the twos again for anything :).

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Dhemz said...

ka sweet sa MIL...I love that kind of plant too tsang...:)

hahahha...I never get tired of watching this video...hhahaa...bisan tuod ug not in the mood sya tsang kay malumanay kau mo entertaining!

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