Monday, January 16, 2012

Sibling Rivalry and Fight

Ever wonder how these two fight?

uhmmm...Miss Dragon pinched Dragon Boy.
Pak!!! Dragon boy hit Miss Dragon's head.
Uhmmmmm ...Miss Dragon took a big pinch
Ouuuch...Dragon boy flinched.
Pak! uhmmm ...Dragon boy took a swipe and grabbed the hair.
Well, Miss dragon took a swipe back but did not captured by my camera.
Sooo Dragon boy pushed Miss Dragon and prrrrrrt here comes the referee.
This was a real fight and my son play along with it because he saw me taking picture. In their real fight, he sometimes don't hit back but won't stop pushing her sister either. They always fight. Jake has the tendency to be dominating, authoritative, bossy and no control. When he gets excited he tends to push her sister and said sorry. I discouraged him and told him not to do it because he is hurting his sister but he is still 3 years old and he select the part of the conversation he wants to listen and when they're in the middle of fun he doesn't care if he hurt his sister. I told Justine to fight back. I know it's bad but if I'm siding Justine all the time he might get jealous. He still have issues with sibling rivalry and always gets jealous of the things that Justine have. He is very protective of Justine but he is also mean to her. That is why the girl had learned to fight back and defend herself even if she always got defeated. Parenting is indeed difficult and hard. Share your parenting styles, parenting techniques and parenting tips. How do you handle sibling rivalry? What sort of discipline when your children fights?

Disclaimer: Do not take this seriously, I got everything in control when i captured their fight. I take picture of their fight so that one day I'll show it to them. This is some toddlers fight and sibling rivalry issue and a mix of fun. Parental Guidance is recommended and Kids, do not try this at home.


Silvergirl said...

wow capture mo talaga ung fight ng mga dragons mo..hehehe. ganyan talaga mga bata in that age...I have been that situation too. tHEY ARE soooo cute

Dhemz said...

captured kau ang moments sa duha nga nagbugno...ehehhee...mamuot ko ug tan-aw....we used to fight like this when me and my brother were little...mandagko ni sila puhon bayot, plato ug kaldero na ang manglupad...joke! based on my experience ra diay tong flying!

wala ko makatambag bayot kay wa pa nako na experience si Akesh nga magselos.....hope someday pagnanay manghod.

Umma said...

Ka cute ba ning pictures oi.. captured jud nimo tsang.. pag nag daku si Jake, makita ni niya ang evidence..

reminds me of my Koala and his cousin hahaha

purethoughts said...

haha you really made me laugh at the same time na guol ko for ms. dragon. lol. ;) nice captures mommy shy.. thanks for the visit!


The Dreamer said...

Ayayay...I hope my eldest will be old enough to give way for her sister so I wont end up being a referee hehehe. But they are cute sis,I'm sure dragon boy will protect miss dragon when they grow up....Returning the visit sis from 366 BPC.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Joker kau si Kuya Jake kay maski away na, pose for the camera pa gyapon..LOL!

Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)

Anonymous said...

My previous comment deleted itself. Drives me nuts when that happens. OpenID problems mostly. I had previously written that I enjoyed reading your profile - and that it's great you had a choice and could make it - even if moving to a different country added a bunch of unknowns . . . wow. I can't imagine.
And, sibling rivalry? A tough one. I didn't have to deal with that as a step-parent to one (now grown) son. But it's a tough issue. Applying fairness and justice - impartially - that would be my thought on the subject. Not easy to accomplish though. Jenn

Unknown said...

i guess, sibling rivalry can't be avoided. just make sure they wouldn't end up fighting:)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I think it is not advisable for you to encourage Justine to fight back when Jake starts a fight with her. Jake will think that you are siding with her. Misbehavior, especially acts that hurt, must be prohibited at all cost whether it is Jake or Justine who does it. That way both of them will realize what's allowable and what is not. I am just suggesting and does not want to correct your manner of raising your kids. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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