Monday, April 23, 2012

A Willing Volunteer and Marriage Thoughts

I still have siblings who are still single. Although they have someone in their lives, they still do not have plans of settling down and starting their own families. But if they do decide, I would be very delighted and will really volunteer to reserve and purchase for their bridal shower invitations. I would really love to see nephews and nieces and it would be pretty nice to have close family relatives to share the same experiences. Having married before them, I know I can share my thoughts and learning on marriage and raising a family, although I am no expert, but I do have something to impart to them.

Getting married though is no easy thing. The preparation for the wedding itself is very daunting, even though if you hire a wedding coordinator and all. The pressure to produce a grand wedding is tantamount to passing any exam. There are so many details to look after like the venue, reception, flowers, food, color motifs, the wedding gown, the entourage’s attires, the invitations, the RSVPs, the guests, the thank you cards, the wedding rings, the videos, the wedding photos and the list just goes on and on. So it is not really easy, plus it entails a big amount, especially if couples are opting for a grand wedding.

 But whether the wedding be splendid or the simple one, it’s the relationship and the marriage bliss after the wedding ceremony is all that matters. Couples must be willing to give one’s self and complement each other to have a harmonious relationship as husband and wife. There must be give and take and both should have open lines of communication.

I do wish that one of my siblings will get married soon and experience a beautiful life together with the love of her life. I really do promise to help them out in their wedding preparations.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kung sakali man ay good luck kung sila ay ikasala na.....

Dhemz said...

agoy major sponsor jud dayon ka bayot...ehehhee...puhon!

sos, kaning kasal ba gasto kau....maong kami wala nag engrande sa kasal kay d ka afford akong bana...hahahhaa! ako raman gani ginikanan ang ni sponsor sa upat ka!

agi ko dire kadali bayot...impake sako...mwahness!

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