Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healthy Garden

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Ten years ago, I had a different life.  I was a school teacher molding young minds.  I was once had a teaching post at a very remote rural area.  They had a simple way of life.  Farming was their main source of income.  It made me realize that simple life have simple happiness.

Anyhow, since I am now in the land of milk and honey, it still didn't stop me in wishing that i will have a garden like the picture below.  Can you imagine having this garden?  I bet I don't need to buy most of our vegetables anymore.  I can get it fresh from my garden.

Gardening in the USA is easier.  You don't have to make your own organic soil because you can buy them easily.  I don't have but a very small garden and I am happy with what I got.  I used some organic plant food and my plants look very healthy.  I expect that it will bear enough fruits.

Achieving a beautiful garden can be possible through the use of Whitney Farms® organic soil and plant foods.  Their products are bette than the conventional ones because it contains beneficial microbes.  Their protein-based blends have all the macro and micronutritients that your plants need.  Gardening naturally can be done without hassle at all.

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Organic Plant Food

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