Monday, November 12, 2012

Health Benefits of Prunes

"Crapping makes easy with Prunes"
I got this prunes from NOO. This makes pooping easy. A single prune contains more than half a gram of fiber. Prunes are a sweet way to add fat-free laxative fiber to your diet. It's a good source of Vitamin. If you can't stomach eating prunes then try the prune juice as alternative. It's good for constipation and natural remedy for sluggish bowels. According to source I read online, The antioxidants found in prunes may help to prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the blood stream which could lead to plaque formation in the arteries. The high potassium content in prunes helps to normalize blood pressure, while the soluble fiber promotes heart health.


purethoughts said...

I love prunes! It's good to know that something I like could be so healthy! Haha!! Thanks for sharing, Shy! BPC HOP!

Lulu Post said...

prunes is really good for your health though i am not a prune eater... andrea loves to munch on prunes though.

bpc hop

Rechie said...

I heard of this but haven't seen one for real nor tasted. I am quite curious of it being a laxative. It is something that i need...hehe

bpc hop:

Dhemz said...

we love prunes too! mau nalang gani kay naa noo, na libre me ug palit...mahal man!

mau bitaw ni sa g tubol...wahehehe...joke bayot!

""rarejonRez"" said...

Mao ni kanindot ang prunes but the stubborn me, di ganahan ug prune unya dapat ra ba ko mohabhab ani kay di ko regular ug BM plus high BP pa jud. I should force myself to munch on them.

BPC hop diri Shei!

Emzkie said...

oh i havent opened mine. i was waiting for it to say eat me eat me. lol. i better try it..

from BPC!

Jessica said...

Prune is indeed a big help when Kuya K had a hard time pooping when he was a toddler and it did help him poop
:-) Dropping late for BPC

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