Monday, November 26, 2012

Spidey Obsession | The Annoying Spider Man

I thought the spirit of spidy inside Jake's body had already disappeared when he switched to Batman but I thought wrong. Our spidey boy still obsessed with it. He had two spider man costume that he already outgrow and a spidey shirt size 12 months that he doesn't want to give up yet. Until now he is still wearing that shirt and if that spidey shoes would still fit on his growing feet, I'm pretty sure he will wear that too. I bought him a spidey bag because he won't stop asking for it. We also got him a spider man DVD because when we were at Target he spotted a bunch of Spider man toys. The DVD was way cheaper that the toys. When we went to Dollar General he spotted a spider man tiny toy for $6, I was forced to buy it for him because he won't stop bugging me. Last weekend, we went to Walmart and another spidey stuffs, a shirt and hat with gloves. I did not say anything about buying a spider man hat, gloves and shirt but Jake's already assumed that and won't take NO for an answer. He goes to school everyday wearing spidey stuffs from hat to shoes. On our way home from school he sometimes do spider man climbing act. He is obsessed about spider man which is not a good thing anymore. It's annoying because he's been climbing and jumping around.


Melinda Dunne said...

My son always loved dressing up and had entire collection of underoos!

EINz said...

haha, I can solely relate to this! Its kindda addicting also joining kids to their addiction. For us, Thomas& Friends had passed, as well as Ben 10 and Hot wheels. But Ninja Go makes a good entry for a Lego addiction. hah! Way to go...

Jerla Oh lalala said...

your pogi son shey is just like my son, they both like spiderman :D

Unknown said...

So cute! I remember when the children in my family did this!

Dhemz said...

agoy, ang adik sa spidey...ehehehe!

Suenvegas said...

Brings back memories of when my son was small. Pic is cute!

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