Saturday, December 22, 2012

Treats from Christmas Party

Last Friday was Jake's Christmas Party at their school. We prepared 21 bags of treats (plus the 4 extra bags) for the whole class. We forgot to save one bag for Justine. When Jake came home from school he bragged all his goodies and treats to his sister. He did not want to share but I asked him to share a little to Justine. I also secretly snuck this Dora shades and gave it to Justine. This Dora shades was one of the toy we put inside the party favor bags. When the lil Miss finished munching all her candies, she put the shades on and start bragging about it. Then the lil guy said, "hmm wait Justine, I have to look for my shades". But Justine strongly denied and said, "It's mine, Jake" and ran away. He can't confirm that it was his shades because he did not see it in his bag. I held myself not to laugh. That's what you get when you don't share.

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purethoughts said...

hahahah. i love stories about these two frienemies, mommy shy! they are both so adorable! here for bpc! (and that was clever, what you did! )

Jessica said...

Awww! your kids are too cute Momi Shei :-) the little girl sounds like mine...very sneaky :-) I am glad that Kuya Jake had a wonderful Christmas party in his school and that the pretty Miss joined too :-) She looks beautiful in her Dora glasses :-) Thank you for sharing this to BPC

Unknown said...

My kiddos can be like this too!! Seems like he had a wonderful Christmas party!! My middle son had a Christmas party but his classroom gives out Bales Bucks (school dollars to use in the classroom) and he came home with presents for everyone!!

""rarejonRez"" said...

Hahaha! Kataw-anan jud ning duha ka kiddos nimo She oi! :D Mao ng shade gigamit ni Justine? Pink man pud :D Frienemies jud kaayo. I don't see Triz being a kontrabida sa manghud kay whatever Triz has, bahinan man iyang manghud. LOL. I would like to see them argue though when they're bigger aron naay thrill. :D

BPC hop!

Emzkie said...

last year nag ing ani si JJ. pero karon na year wala dyud.

BPC hop ko mommy SHy

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