Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#9/365 Day BPC | NyQuil vs. Coffee

I've been coughing so hard lately like I have some kind of asthma. If I'm in the Philippines right now, I've probably contact a quack doctor to diagnose or massage. I've been taking NyQuil because the cough makes me puke and it causing headache and wheezing. Imagine that, NyQuil and coffee. I have couple of opps and lots of online stuff that I need to finish today. I'm drinking coffee so I won't fall asleep. I'm also watching the show ALIAS on netflix while blogging.


Anonymous said...

Nyquil has adverse effects on some people. I for one it makes very jittery and hyper ( it is the antihistamine in it ) and tea actually has more caffeine ...

""rarejonRez"" said...

The hubs tried Nyquil for the first time ba, padulong sya sa opisina. Na-dizzy pa bitaw na sya, nakatulog sya sa iyang desk. Maygani in one hour pa iyang klase, nakamata tawon sya. LOL. Never again na sya sa Nyquil. Naa man gud na alcohol content pud. Grapefruits ra everyday kaona Shei. Lagpot lagi na imong ubo! As in everyday jud.

Thanks for linking this to BPC!

January Zelene said...

Karun pa ko kita ani sis. Naa ba ni sya dri sa ato? Taman ra jud mi sa ascof pag ubo ug neozep pag gi-sipon. :)

Hope you're better now. :)

my BPC 9/365

Dhemz said...

agoy, murag kuyaw ning duha bayot...ang nyquil pag doze off nya ang kapi pang sige sa mata...kuyaw ni ug resulta kung dungan ug inom...ehehe!

I didn't know you were sick...sos, pamasahe ni joe bayot..ako kung magsakit ko tsang kay magpamasahe ko ni kana ra jud ako sya ipa lakaw sa akong likod...hehee..murag tumban tumban lang jud ang inahan.

Emzkie said...

thats a bad combination. haha! nyquil makes u sleepy tapos coffee to fight that sleepiness. lol

BPC hop! unta ok na ka mommy shy

Jessica said...

Momi Shy, Nyquil will put me to sleep after a minute of so from taking it :-) Hope that by now your cough is gone :-) Dropping very late from the 9th day of BPC

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