Sunday, April 28, 2013

Press-On Manicure for Miss Kikay

MmmmMwah! flying kiss??? Ahhhhhh You want my claws? I had this press-on manicure on my finger nails and as I was putting it on, the Kikay wanted too and can't wait for her turn. She is into this kind of kakikayan stuffs like lipsticks, manicure, makeups and things she saw on TV. The manicure looks funny and creepy on her fingers. Imagine a tiny fat lil fingers like that would grow a high maintenance nails. Well, this would be impossible to happen because this lil Miss has the habit of pulling her own fingers. Anyway, the buckaroo cried because he wanted to have this fake nails on to his fingers too. waaaaa. This was one of the packet freebies included in the package from shopping at Linking this post to 365 Day BPC | April 2013.


AdinB said...

Oh dear heavens look at those nails! hahahahaha.... So cute! :) I can see Selby wanting something like this when she gets a bit older. She's already getting into my make-up and other things.

Lulu said...

that looks funny on her small fingers. Thank goodness my lil girl is not into make up... :)

Emzkie said...

hehehe i cant help to giggle mommy Shy. nakatawa ko sa reaction sa imong baby girl sa second photo. hehe.. hadlok ko na makambrasan, murag mangambrass dyud ra ba, haha


BPC hop!

Dhemz said...

hahhaa...makaumuot ko aning justine...super kikay kau! I didn't know she's into this kind of stuff already..tawon pod si jake gusto paapil...hhehehe! bibo unya kinarwasa ning!

""rarejonRez"" said...

Hahaha! Who wanted to have some on his nails, too? Kalingaw ba jud oi! Ibog ko sa gorgeous nails ni Justinot! Fab looking kaayo! :D

Si Triz kay na-intriga sya sa akong makeup kits but I told her right then and there that makeups are for women only, not girls. She insisted one time that some of her classmates wear makeups but I told her they have they own lifestyle and she has hers. One time, nasayop sya ug lipbalm, ang akong lipstick iyang nagamit kay dark na sa room, nihilak sya when I let her look at herself in the mirror. Perting apologized nga wa daw niya gituyo kay dark daw sa room. Katawaha jud kog ayo! :D

BPC laag on a kaadlawon kay nakatulog ko ganiha. :D

Anonymous said...

I can see she loves it! She's definitely a girl mommy! you know some girls doesn't like this until they get into some certain age. But she's too young and already showing some interest! She's so sweet! I can't wait for my little girl to do some kakikayan with me hehehe

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