Monday, June 10, 2013

Unproductive Day

I made a list of what I had planned to do for today and what not to do. Can you guess what task I have accomplished and task I have not? Well, i got up at 7:15 AM and took Jake to school. Sat in front of the computer checking my emails, and Facebook. Then, clicked an ads to Zulily and you know what will happen if you see cool stuffs. Imagine that i only clicked and placed 5 items into the check out bag and I paid $140, ouch!!! Yes, it hurts my paypal. So, to forget what I just did (coz i think i was hallucinating when I shopped like impulsive shoppernuts) hehe I decided to watch my KDrama show while folding the clean laundry.  Then, Miss G-dragon woke up and asked for food.  I was gonna start cleaning but got tired after folding those clothes.  So, I continued watching the show while FB-ing without noticing the time.

Went to school to fetched Jake up and since it was raining the lazy bug is becoming hard to control.  What a shame peee you! (justine's expression).  Time has gone by so fast and I did not finished my to do list insteas I completed my Not To Do list, bwahahaa.  Sounds product yet unproductive day because I'm broke.  Tomorrow I'll try to finish my to do list, i hope, i try, finger cross hehehehe. How about you, how's your day?  


Jessica said...

Mommy S, I love that to do list of yours :-) Sometimes I write note and nothing done arggggggggggg Well at least you got the shopping done hahaha

Jerla Oh lalala said...

Hahhahahah! I think next time shey you need to list the other way around. Reverse psychology ba. That's a lot of shopping you did. I wish I can shop like that, ma guilty man gud ko lol samot na ug way dadats.

Bless said...

I stopped writing my to do list as I don't follow it anyway Lol. But I must say it is a good thing to have a list so we can track of the important things we need to do :-)

Seny said...

I agree above at least you have your shopping done LOL. I did the shopping extravaganza last weekend. So I am done for awhile. My day is OK as usual hadn't done a whole lot. So that makes us two.

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