Tuesday, September 17, 2013

His Doll, Her Dollie and My Dollie & Me

A picture of a loving Daddy combing his daughter's hair, what a sweetheart. She is his real doll that talks and talk back at you and most of the time says "NO"!!!. She is the sweetest girl ever and we adore her so much.
This is Justine's Dollie that I bought before her birthday. She only played her Dollie Alexandra once. And now it's My Dollie and Me time, this Dollie is mine now hahahaha. Mommy needs a Dollie that looks like my sweetie doll Justine. Look at them, they look like twin.


Terri Grothe said...

to sweet, I love it when Daddies comb their babies hair

Dhemz said...

hahhaa...they do look like twins! ka cute sa dollie and me...terno dayon...pagka buotan nalang jud sa amahan...palakpakan!

naunsa na nga ang inahan gusto man diay pod ug doll...hehehe...imo nalang ni si buddy bayot...mao ra tawon ni akong sidekick dire...lol!

Unknown said...

mura bitaw sila ug twins no?hehehhe..

ka buotan sa amahan oi..gisudlayan ang kikay nga justine...hehe

Eileen said...

Beautiful little girl! Filipino ka? I hope you don't mind me following your blog. You can follow me too. I usually write about the social issues in the Philippines and other motivational pieces.

see you there! Thanks!

*My Bundles of Joy*

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