Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips on Traveling to Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica, or anywhere outside your native country, can be exciting and a bit scary. After all, you’re visiting a foreign location where you don’t know the land and may not even know any of the residents. Thankfully, the following tips will help ensure you have a memorable and wonderful vacation in Costa Rica.

Safety First
While Costa Rica is a relatively safe location, the crime rate is higher than many places in Europe or Southeast Asia. So you should always err on the side of caution. A few safety tips include avoid areas that are deserted after dark, keep valuables locked in a safe or on your persons and always keep an eye on your items while enjoying the beach. Also, if you’re ever in doubt about a location and how safe it is, speak to your hotel, such as your Los Suenos resort.

Watch What You Eat
Food poisoning can ruin your trip quicker than just about anything else. And while Costa Rica is a relatively safe place, you will be exposed to various bacteria that your body isn’t use to and could cause you to get sick. While most people think it’s the water that would cause problems, they couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most towns in Costa Rica have water that is 100-percent safe to drink. The true culprit if food. It could be food that is contaminated, but more than likely it is just your body’s natural response to consuming something foreign that it isn’t use to.

Take Your Time
Costa Rica is filled with an abundance of breath taking sites and it can be overwhelming trying to see them all. And while the country is a bit small, it can take the entire day to get from one of its beautiful coasts to the other. Because of this, visitors can often miss the magic of the country while trying to rush from one destination to the next. That is why you should remember to take your time, relax and enjoy the moment.

Prepare For Bites
Costa Rica has a lot of mosquitoes, which become even more prevalent when it’s raining. While these tiny bloodsuckers are generally more of an annoyance than serious threat, they can become problematic to your vacation if you’re sensitive to insect bites. Because of this, you should purchase some mosquito repellent. With that said, you should avoid chemical repellent, which causes more harm than good to you and the environment, and instead choose natural and organic repellents that contain natural oil that repels the insect.

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