Saturday, December 10, 2016

Milestones | A $1 for a Tooth

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This isn't her first lose tooth, however she's been working extra hard shaking this tooth, not for teeth health reason but to get a buck$$. When she had her first lose tooth, she was so happy because she can finally get a dollar from the tooth fairy. She was so jealous of her classmates and brother every time they get a dollar from a tooth fairy. She even wished to get $5 just like her friends, nevertheless she did not complained when she got a $1 at first. The second lose tooth she again got a $1 from the tooth fairy even though she was hoping to get more than a dollar. The third lose tooth, she was so brave to pulled it off on her own, and with that reason she was expecting to get $5 from the tooth fairy. She woke up crying and disappointed because she only get a $1. After all that hoping and expecting to get more money from the tooth fairy for atleast one of those teeth she lost. So she decided to leave a note for the Tooth fairy. She got up around 4:00 o clock in the morning and told me she found a $1 and a note from the Tooth Fairy. She did not make a fuss or complained that day. She seem satisfied with the tooth fairy's answer and said, tooth fairy is real.

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