Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Mother's Unconditional Love

There's nothing like a mother's love. It's the first affection baby experiences when they enter the world and this warm nurturing love often follows them throughout their childhood. It's almost spiritual in nature because this mother love often knows things instinctively. This instinctive nurture is the protective spirit that comforts and protects a growing child throughout his young years.

More than an Umbilical Cord
The life source that connects a growing baby to his mother provides nutrition as the baby grows in his mothers' stomach. However, from an emotional and spiritual standpoint, the umbilical cord does more than just feed the baby, it connects the baby to the mother's heart and holds him there until his birth. When the cord is cut the baby often cries as if he senses the separation from his nurturing and protective mother.

Mother Instincts
Mothers seem to be wired with an instinctual ability to sense when something is wrong with their child. It may even affect them while they sleep or when they are nowhere near their child. This instinctual caring may wake them up in the middle of the night and prompt them to go check on their child or may make them drop whatever they are doing to make sure the child is safe from harm. This instinctual caring is almost like a gene, affecting women significantly once they become mothers.

Protection from Harm
Mothers have been known to lift a heavy child and move them away from harm as if they were a ragdoll. It's almost as if motherhood gives them superhuman strength and perception. Fueled by pure unadulterated love, a mother would defend her child against the most ferocious of animals. A mother's love is simple and unwavering. She may not know much about sub zero ice maker repair nyc, but she understands and gets strength from the power of her love.

A mother's love is unquestionable. She puts the needs of her offspring before her own and is willing to move heaven and earth to protect them, keep them safe, and nurture them. Even after the umbilical cord is cut, a mother's love is still hardwired into her heart and head as a motivating force to love and cherish her child always. The love of a mother almost has a supernatural and instinctive quality, alerting her when she's nowhere near her child or even when she's in a deep sleep. The love of a mother is utterly unshakeable.

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