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4 Hazards to Your Toddler You Might Not Have Thought Of

You love your child more than anything, and you have taken every precaution to ensure his or her safety. Have you, though? Sure, you’ve covered every electrical outlet, moved all sharp objects and household toxins out of reach, and even put bumpers pads on all your furniture. Still, Parents magazine reports there are household safety hazards that surprise many. Here are four of them for your information, and some steps you can take to avoid them.


1. Your Dishwasher


Who would’ve thought that your beloved dishwasher could be a safety hazard to your little ones, but it can be. First, dishwasher pods are poisonous, as are your laundry pods, and many toddlers think they are the perfect size to stick in their mouths. Also, when you load your cutlery and flatware into the unit, you open tiny hands up to the sharp items if you load them stem down. The number one safety rule when it comes to your dishwasher is to keep the door closed at all times and don’t put the detergent in the cup until you’re ready to run it. It’s also a good idea to load cutlery and flatware top down.


2. Balloons


These fun party favors can actually kill your child if you purchase latex ones. According to Parents, “Since 1973, more than 110 children have choked to death when chewing on or blowing up latex balloons.” The reason this material is so dangerous is that it expands and fills a child’s throat, which prevents breathing completely. Mylar balloons are safer than latex ones, and you should never leave your child alone when he or she is blowing up or playing with a balloon, even if it’s full and won’t fit into his or her mouth. Besides, should it pop, your child may become frightened and need you.


3. Bedding


Fluff isn’t as great as it might seem. Yes, you envision your child sleeping through the night cuddled in warm softness, but too much fluff can cause suffocation. As your child sleeps, he or she sinks deeper into the cuddly bedding or rolls and scoots toward overly soft padding. Should your child roll over and end up face down in fluffy bedding, well it’s too frightening to mention. Avoid this danger by placing your child on his or her back when its bedtime. Make certain the crib or bed’s mattress if firm, and that the bedding fits tight around the mattress. You can even tuck the blanket in.


4. Automobile Windows


This danger won’t be covered by your auto and homeowners insurance in Pittsburgh or wherever you live. Kids and cars as a whole isn’t a safe combination, but your power windows can maim, crush, and even kill. The nonprofit child-advocacy group Kids and Care says 28 deaths have been associated with kids and power windows. Your little ones can get their fingers, arms, and even their heads stuck in them, so it’s crucial you make certain you have an automobile that has child locks for the windows and doors. Also, never raise the windows yourself without ensuring your kids and their fingers are out of them.


You love your children and not a single person doubts that. Still, kids are curious by nature and they will do and get into things they aren’t supposed to. Observe your children and think about things that might tempt them, such as an open dishwasher and the flatware baskets, and take necessary steps to prevent tragedy. Talk with your family members and friends who have little ones and share safety approaches. Finally, learn from accidents, whether your kids or others to prevent future ones. When you do your best to keep your kids safe, they will remain safe.

Ideas for Outdoor Fun

There is something special about going outside and enjoying the outdoors. It is a pastime that a number of adults have enjoyed growing up. Today, it can be challenging for children to be willing to go outside. While there can be numerous reasons why that is the case, there are some ideas for outdoor fun in nice weather that can encourage children to be active.

Chalk Time

Not every child likes to play a sport outside. Even children who like to run around do like to do other activities on occasion. A good idea is to create an art project. A good starting point is to go to a local retailer and invest in outdoor chalk. Outdoor chalk is inexpensive and comes in many colors, such as blue, yellow, green and black. Children can create works of art on a patio or use the entire driveway to show off their creativity. Children may want to draw or play a fun game. After the chalk creation is complete, a rain shower removes it in a matter of minutes. If parents would prefer the chalk to be removed faster, try using a garden house in order to remove the chalk from the surface.

Sandbox Time

A sandbox is an excellent way that children can spend hours creating and building. While parents assume that they have to build a sandbox, there are a number of retailers that sell sandboxes with covers. A covered sandbox prevents water, bugs and debris from entering the play area. Some children like to build roads and buildings, but others bring toys that can be used for outdoor fun. The result is that children have an amazing time playing in the sand.

Outdoor fun can provide children with amazing experiences and wonderful memories that can last for their entire lives. Be sure to use child safe pesticide and appropriate suntan lotion in order to keep children safe. Having appropriate protection can give parents peace of mind that their children are safe while enjoying time outside.

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