Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice age has come to an end

Took this yersterday most part of the wall kind of icy still, but it started melting .

First of all I wanna thank those bloggers who sympatized with us regarding this icy bathroom. Well guys the ice melted this morning, our ice age life hopefully will come to an end. I'll cross my fingers to that, since winter isn't over yet. And the water is working well because we keep it running every now and then both hot and cold.
Right now, the temperature here are in double digit, not that bad compare to the glaciers on the wall lol. We have like 5 inches snow outside but not that cold, so we took jake outside this morning for 5 minutes to see and touch the snow.


kelly and chel said...

Sus ang ilong gyud ni jake akong na notice, ni liskang sa ka tugnaw,

LODS said...

jake looks like he was enjoying. im glad that the ice on your bathroom wall is melting. try putting a space heater in the bathroom when your giving jake a bath so he wont get cold.thats what i do when i give the girls a bath.

Susan Cook said...

My mother had a frozen pipe under her kitchen sink and her plumber told her to use a blow dryer to unfreeze it. It worked!

DebbieDana said...

Your son looks so cute in the snow, i'm sure he loved it!

Our boys are almost the same age pala, ahead lang ng 1 month ang baby ko. :) He belongs to 95th percentile when it comes to his height according to his doctor. Yeah, he's pretty tall at his age, but i'm not surprised because my husband is very tall. He's almost 6'4, and I'm glad our son got his height.

Happy Monday and enjoy blogging!

Debbie :)

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