Friday, January 16, 2009

Icy Bathroom

For this couple of days we were below zero here, it was super dooper cold for me. Hubby woke up this morning swearing, the water pipe froze again no water coming out when he flushed the toilet. Before he left for work, he woke me up and gave me this "matter of life and death" instructions. I wasn't really paying attention about what he was talking about, like keep the water running, especially the hot one in the bathroom and kitchen, flush the toilet every 15 mins and so on and so forth. I went back to sleep and then when I woke around 9:00, i checked the bathroom and there it was, the wall were covered with ice and still is until now.


Angel said...

Hello Shy mao ba ka luoy pod sa mga tao didto no. Amo kay sa Catanico unahan sa cugman ig-agaw lagi sa ako mama kay naka bakwit sila sa amoa kay nabahan man balay nila. daghan gyud na apektuhan. naa man flood sa una pero kania kron grabe gyud. Salamat sa visit ha! asa ka dere sa States?

LODS said...

sus ako man g tugnaw nag basa uy,heheheheh..thank god were not that cold here,hehehe..

TiLT said...

yeek! We are below zero too...thankfully nothing froze like that! best of luck getting it back up & running...continually

Julia said...

I am sooo sorry your water pipes froze. That is awful. We only get that a few times a year and everything is good by 10 or so. But total misery when there is no water.

Lisa said...

Hello, thanks sa visit and the comments, sorry din sa late reply.. we same na miss ko yong init sa atin especially we live near the sea...Dito and lamig, pero hindi kami naka experience ng water froze sa toilet...

DebbieDana said...

Oh my...water froze!

It's also very cold here in GA, it snowed a little yesterday, but I know it's not as cold as to where you are now.

Anyway, thanks alot for your comment about our son. About your question, he had his first steps at 9 months, and he was already walking straight at 9 nd half months.

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