Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Cough and Colds

We have an uninvited visitors here, The bad cough and its friend mucus and colds. When we got home from vegas my hubby has been coughing a lot and not feeling well. Must be from the cold weather and overfatigue at work. Then, I started getting some of that cough and cold, I thought it was part of being pregnant and change of weather from warm vegas to freezing pittsburgh but i didn't mind all that. A couple of days ago our baby jake started coughing and has runny nose. He wasn't fussing at all or acting sick then. Last night his cough were getting harder it bother us a lot, hubby went to the pharmacy to look for baby cough medicine but came home nothing. We gave him tylenol and let him drink juice. At the middle of the night our poor baby woke us up with his hard cough, and of course his just a baby he doesn't know how to spit those saliva from coughing he just swallowed it up and go back to sleep. Until early this morning jake still coughing a lot with his eyes close, he must be very sleepy still, then he throw out some of the milk and saw tiny phlem on it. If only I could take that bad cough from him I would. I told hubby to call the doctor and ask for whatever medicine we can give to the baby, but before he decided to call he ask around some of his co workers who are mothers too, and they said doctors won't prescribe any cough medicine for baby at his age. I think jake has to undergo that stage, eventually that cough will go away. I hope we know how to get rid this kind of illness from our jake or atleast we can take that bad cough and colds away from him.


LODS said...

its true they wont give cough medicine. just try using the bulb to take out the mucus from his nose and give him lots of liquid. it would also be helpful if you guys get a humidifier, it loosens up the stuffiness.poor baby jakekoy!

Crazy Working Mom said...

A visit to the doctor is not a bad idea, though. I thought the same thing with my 4 month old last month. It turns out she had RSV. We ended up having to do a cough medicine (per doctor's orders) as well as an inhaler. Thank goodness we didn't have to do the updraft treatments at home, only at the office. I'd recommend visiting as RSV seems to be more common this year.

Unknown said...

we are thinking of doing that, his next appointment is on first week of march. but if it gets worse we will call for a visit schedule.thanks for the advice.

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