Monday, February 9, 2009

Champ - O - Rado Everyone!?

During our vegas vacation,one of the most fantastic experience i had in there was going to the filipino store. Yeah! it may sound silly but i was happy with that. The thing is we don't have filipino store here that i know of. So, when I saw all those familiar product in their store i just don't wanna stop looking around. I bought some to bring home like this champ-o-rado, hotdog, sardines and a lot more shown in the pics, oh! how i missed eating them. I ate the sardines and 1 pack of hotdogs as soon as we got home, do i sound like a monster hungry pinay?lol. If only i had this big suitcase and extra money i could have buy more than that. My sister and her hubby had a little gatherings/party when we were there. She cooked like 7 different dishes of filipino foods because their visitors or friends wives were mostly asians. I love eating all those filipino food they served. I'm not a good cook like my sister, im just a good eater. It was also a great experience meeting nice people in different place. Well, this prego hungry monster had a blast in that vacation.


jijie said...

Sus, i didn't know you bought champorado, you didn't share it to me, did jake liked it?

AdinB said...

Oh my goodness! I just had one this morning, my champorado that I made it myself from scratch with special dark cocoa powder since I have no tablia or chocolate powder.. hhaha.. :) Yumo!

Nanaybelen said...

hi . your boy in the cart reminds me when i used to put my two kids putting them also in the cart when they were young.

iceah said...

s like you really enjoyed it :9 you have a cute child there c:

Enchie said...

I'm happy to see that you found a Filipino store. I would do the same, shop to the max for Fil delights.

Cecile said...

Shy, pareho diay ta :-) ako pud going crazy when I shop at asian :-)

salamat pud sa bisita sa akong blogs :-)

pag ayo-yo mo diha :-)

Carnation said...

i know what you mean, i get crazy too whenever i see pinoy stuff.

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