Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cool Hand-me-Downs and Gifts

When we visited my MIL last thursday jake got a whole bunch of hand-me-downs stuff again from his cousins and advance B-day gifts from his GM. My SIL and her kids from newyork were here for a week visits and they brought a lot of things for jake. Well they always do everytime they are here. That is one good thing being the youngest in the family you get to keep all the hand-me-downs. Isn't that great! Jake is their youngest counsins, so those old books, toys, clothes, crib and everything that his cousins got from their GM and family friends were all given to jake. Hand-me-downs that are passed from hubbys generation to younger generations are all in jake's possession now. I'm glad my little buckaroo appreciated those old toys and stuff than the new one. We bought him few new toys but he disregard them he rather play with the old stuff until now. Oh! how we love this hand-me-downs we don't have to worry buying him something like that in the photo, its a big savings in our pocket. If someone offers you hand-me-downs or gifts take it!take!


Kristin said...

ooh, Yeah! I love those hand-me-down gifts, I never refuse 'em!

Anya said...

i would certainly take any hand-me-downs (especially kid's stuff) but the problem is no one's offering *grins*.

LODS said...

you are so right shy, getting hand me downs is a big savings in the pocket. I personally love recieving hand me downs for Kaitlyn,im even the one to ask for hand me down clothes to my cousin who has two girls a little bit older than her.

Michele said...

My kids are brought up on hand me downs! LOVE IT!!! It helps us out especially since I have a huge family! Enjoy!

Momgen said...

I will not refuse too when somebody give my son a gifts. Kids always love toys and likes to receive some. How about adults hahhahha hope somebody send me joke...hheheh

Jac said...

In our family hand-me-down gifts is a tradition already, nice post shy how are you?

Cascia Talbert said...

I love hand-me-downs. They are just as fun as new stuff. Kids don't know the difference.

Chubskulit Rose said...

The same way with my buritos too, they got to keep all the hand me downs from my ILs... At first they hesited to give it to us because they thought that I might get offended but i told them, heck we seldom receive hand me downs in PI lol..

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