Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fever mania

Few days after we went to the doctor and gave jake his antibiotics for his darn ear infection we thought finally we can breath now everything is going to be alright because jake showed improvement. His cough was getting slow, the yellow.....ish runny nose and mucus in his eyes were gone and his walking, playing, laughing again, basically he was back to normal. Until the other night he was acting weird so quiet and didn't wanna play and feeling warm, I took his temperature from 98 went up to 103 F. We brought him right away to the Children's Hospital. When we got there it was crowded with babies and kids who has fever too, can't barely find a seat to settle down, some patients were setting at the hallway. We waited for 4 hours to be called, and they gave jake a motrin coz his fever still at 103 F. Then they sent us to this other room and waited again for 2 hours before the nurse called us and sent us again to this single room and waited for another more 2 hours for the doctor. When the doctor came in jake's fever was already coming down almost gone. It's the ear infection that cause his fever, so they discharged us. We came home early in the morning like 5:00 o clock. We are all exhausted from the long hours waiting. My baby is sick again, his fever they come and go, like this morning it was down and back again after few hours then last night was totally gone, he was playing again his fave game trashing the place and throwing the books away. We give his medicine round the clock, so hopefully he will feel better today, and this fever and ear infection I wish they would go far far away and never come back we don't need them here.


Cecile said...

I am so sorry for your son being sick again dear :-(. I feel bad about this hospitals, the waiting time is too much! It is unbelievable! Hoe you baby wil get better soon, i understand how you feel dear and it is very tiring. hope the fever will go away na.

get ome res, too dear!

Michelle said...

Awww, I hope your little guy is better soon. It's hard on everyone when kids are sick. You're in the same boat I am. My little one is four and I noticed the same thing about the fevers. They come and go. It's amazing how they bounce back so quickly. Thanks for your get well wishes. Sending get well wishes your way too.

Babette said...

It's really hard when our kids are sick. :o( I hope your baby feels better. If my kids have a fever, I first give them Tylenol and if that doesn't bring the fever down then we give them Motrin. I sometimes wish that I an the one who is sick instead of my kids. I think most moms feel that way.

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