Friday, April 3, 2009

Attitude and Tantrums

Here is jake starting to show some attitude everytime he doesn't get what he wants. Sometimes he just yells at me for no reason and pound his chest. He calls me dada hehehe instead of mama, there were some instances when he called me mama especially when his hungry. He cries when his dada goes out for a smoke or leaves for work. And he knows when his dada comes home from work too, whenever he hears the sound of the keys and steps out side he just runs right away to the door and hug his dada's legs. If hubby ignores him, he cried like hell with this big mouth open wide cry. Sometimes,its annoying hearing him cried like that. He knows his way to manipulate us. He does this crying thing at night when we put him in his crib, that is why until now he is still sleeping with us in our bed. We can't really understimate the baby's intelligent, though they are still a baby but they really do know how to manipulate us to get what they want. And the problem is they don't listen to us coz they are still a baby. Our little buckaroo everytime we said no, he just flash his mischievous smile. He start showing tantrums lately, like when his holding his toys and he drop it, he just start stamping his feet and cry but we ignore him until he calm down. He cried when we take trash from his hand or take those lent from his mouth that he picked up. His tantrums isn't that bad yet, still manageable and he calm down on his own. Most child has tantrums, Every single tantrums results from one single thing, not getting what they want. For children between 1 and 2, tantrums often stem from trying to communicate a need... more milk, a diaper change, that toy over there -- but not having the language skills to do it. "They get frustrated when you don't respond to what they're 'saying' and throw a fit." For older toddlers, tantrums are more of a power struggle. "By the time kids are 3 or 4, they have grown more autonomous,. "They're keenly aware of their needs and desires -- and want to assert them more. If you don't comply? Tantrum city."Ray Levy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist. Im glad my little monster is not that stage yet for now.

Thank You Rose

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Dhemz said...

hello sis! Akesha and I were entertained watching your lil Jake...hehhehe....that is very very normal ..especially at his age...hehhehe..ako ushay madapian nako ning akong bulilit kay gahi ug ulo...hehhehe...gakadako gaka labad...ehehheeh!

woi..ayaw anara sleep sya sa inyo bed woi...take control...tell jake that it's not all his shoud be mama and dada's way...hehehhe! good luck on parenting sis...:) mwah!

Unknown said...

lage dhemz, ako bitaw ni ipaanad iya crib astang dakoa mn sd baba mohilak. pero kung mag nap siyaok ra iya crib. naanad nani bataa naa sa amo bed tulog manawag pa kung bedy bye bye na hehehe.

Haay ning bata makalingaw makasapot sd sa ka badlongon.
send my hugs to your baby akesha. have a nice weekend!

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