Friday, April 3, 2009

Home Security For America

Looking back, I don't think that there was ever a scarier moment in my life than when we came home from the mall one evening and found that somebody had broken into our house and stolen from us. We were left feeling both empty and scared. We felt empty because certain things that we had worked hard for were now gone, and we felt scared because we had no guarantee that it would not happen again. We had trouble sleeping for the next few months. Well, maybe there is a way that we could have slept more easily. A GE Home Security System from Protect America could have prevented that incident and given us the peace of mind that all hard working people deserve. After looking at their different products, I believe that the Bronze Package from Protect America is the wireless security system that could have helped us the most. Right now with the Bronze Package, there is no upfront cost, and it is only $34.95 per month for a 36 month contract for the monitoring. For this package, you get a talking control panel, 7 entry points (your 7 most vulnerable entry points can have sensors), an internal siren and door chime, one button arming (that makes it simple to operate), and 3 window decals and 1 yard sign. With all of that, you are most certainly safe and secure from the bad elements of society. The yard sign alone will probably do most of the work, and with sensors on 7 entry points, nobody is going to be able to get in without setting off the alarm. Call 877-470-2751 toll free, get a GE Home Security System from Protect America, and change your security status today. You'll be protecting yourself and your family. Don't just get one for your house, get one for everyone you love so that they can enjoy the same security as you do. Also, by calling 877-470-2751 toll free you get 2 keychain remotes with your order. Make the call today, and be safe.


Ron Centeno said...

Hi Shydub,

Security systems do make us feel safer.

Jac said...

wow that is so scary.but I'm glad that everybody is safe, iba na talaga ang panahon no...about my girls, yes. our main language here is Japanese they can understand a little tagalog too slang nga lang kya matatawa ka pag nag salita ng tagalog...Take care always shy and God bless you all...

MaryAnneVelasco said...

hello there Shydub!

dropping by here again to say Hello!

yup. kakatakot talagang manakawan. but i am glad that you and your family's not harmed.

stay safe, okey!

Michelle said...

Wow, what a scary experience for you and your family. That's never happened to me, thank god. Glad to hear that everyone was okay. You can always replace your material possession's. You can't replace your family. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Have a great day.

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