Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Name is Tornado!

Speaking of clutter, here is Jake the master trasher. He just woke up from his nap in this pics that I took yesterday, look how quick he can trash the whole place like some kind of a tornado. Hubby and I thinking of changing his name to Tornado. I think it sounds good, "My name is Tornado Worthington!"cute huh! His toys are every where in our little place, in the room, kitchen and even in the car he has few toys there. I put in the room the numbers rubber mat so that he would stay there and play with it but he already pulled out all the numbers from it and spread it away. The room is also in chaos with those mat disconnected from each other and blanket and pillow on the floor. If those diapers weren't in the plastic bag, I'm sure he probably scattered them everywhere too. He is a busy busy buzzzy bee.



Spices of Life said...

awwww...that's a disaster.. heheheh.. he looks cute though...


State of Mind said...

I am glad to see that my kids are not the only ones blessed with the talent for disaster. Our oldest is known as "el Distructo" although I must say I love the term "master trasher":)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, ganyan nga talaga ang mga bata ... talagang makulit at magulo pa pag ganyang age ^_^ pero nakakatuwa ^_^ silang tingnan diba ^_^

Your child is sooo cute *hugs*

LODS said...

Kids are like that...I absolutely salute those moms who have immaculate, organized and clutter free homes even with kids. My house is not decorated or anything kay gubaon lng..

Jac said...

He is so cute and lovable kid ganyan talaga pag baby boy like my sister sons they have the same talent about sa toys...

Jac said...

hi again love to share this award to you a blessed Friday

Dhemz said...

wahahha....your not alone jekoy...akesha have this talent too...hahhaha....grabi sad kadaghan sa toys woi...pwede paulos nalang ng uban diha...hehhehe!

woi tsang salamat kaayo sa mga comments nimo ha...nalingaw ko ug basa...hahaha!

sos pastilan...pancit canton man tawon to pork ribs...hehehhe..nailad ka no...hahaah! tawon d bya ko balo muloto..dire raka naka tuon ug luto nga naminyo...wala choice kay d mabuhi ta mabuhi kun d ta balo mulot dire....hehehhe...maayo imo banana kay balo moluto sa?

Thanks tuod sa bday greetings for Akesha's bday...sos simple ra akong handa woi..kami ra 3 nag celeb..wa man gani mi nag gawas ug kaon...hehehe..crisis na ah...hahhaha...:)

Lagi maayo sa oinas kay bahala wala kwarta naa litson permi..bahala kautang utang....hahahaha!

sos dire tawon bday party mahal tanan....karon sa jud mi nga year wa nag bday party...the past 2 years ra...skip this year sa...hahahha!

Woi munsta naman ka diha buntit woi....sakit na imo lubot lingkod no? hehhee....:)

hala sige..chicka nalng sad ta next time..malingaw man ko sa imo...hahaha!

Ray said...

Cute kid! but the mess isn't huh? It's a phase that all kids go through :)

Madz said...

hahahha Tornado man jud ang name, bitaw gagubot jud sya sis bagay sa iya ang name!! hahahha, uy sagdi lang gd ingon ana man ang mga bata... ako pod gani I need a big space for my future baby:)..

Star-chuu said...

wow!!hehehe...kiss and hugs to your cute baby shy. ganyan talaga ang mga bata they enjoy what they are doing. They love their freedom as a kid.

Star-chuu said...

sis..awards for you..i also posted the award that you pass on me. Thanks a lot.

Star-chuu said...

i'm still preparing to post some of the awards and tags from you..thanks a lot..hehehe..medyo masipag ako ngayon for all the awards.

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