Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad Buckaroo

Today our little buckaroo has been acting really badly, as in like a monster. Since this morning as he got up from bed he was already fussing and kicking because he didn't want to get up yet, but the sun at 11:00 O clock in our room shines so bright. At noon was gonna take him outside to tire him and go for a nap quickly but my tummy is getting sore from carrying him the whole day and the weather in the late afternoon was unpredictable. So as usual he faked his nap today and always messing up with the dried paint in our wall, the lid of his diaper trash, and keyboards of our computer. When I gave him a bath earlier before putting him to bed Jake throw a fit in the bath tub. I have to hold him tight so that he won't slip in the tub. And then after that I have to chased him to put his diaper on and do you know what our lil' monster did, he peed on the carpet. What a mess!!! Right now as my babger watching his basketball, the buckaroo woke up and screamed so babger had to get him from his crib. While they were setting on the couch he tried to poke his dada's eye, whatever he just laughed and kept on doing it, so back to the crib he goes. While I was doing this post he still crying in his crib, waiting for us to pick him up. We know he is not gonna go back to sleep by himself in the crib. He stills sleeping with us, even if we put him to bed at 7;00 or 8;00, this little monster seems like has his own timer, he always gets up around 10:00 and sleep with us in our bed. I hope tomorrow he will be back from being a good baby and not act as bad like he was today. I wonder how would you discipline your kids when they act badly or not nice?


Tetcha said...

There will be good days and there will be bad days. Just think of it this way: Baby Jake woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. Tomorrow's a different story. Thanks for visiting my blog, Shy!

Cecile said...

Tama si Tetcha dear, jake just woke up on the wrong side of the bed :-), katawa ko sa imong storya niya karon, na imagine nako si buckaroo mo hahaha

akong Jake ana man siya usahay, nah time out gud siya...

Empty Streets said...

It is a friday again :) Dropping by figuratively and literally hehehe :) Keep cool always and enjoy the weekend :) xoxo

Dhemz said... don't know who you are messing with tsang...your lil buckaroo...hahahha...joke!

sos, mao diay naghangos ka kagahapon..kalouy sad nimo diha kay dako pa imo tiyan unya sige pamo lakag ni Jake...d nako ma imagine imong ka pungot...hehehe..wala naman kaha sya nag acting karon tsang?

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha you're little buckaroo is showing his manhood lol..

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