Friday, May 29, 2009

Get Rid of Dark Baggy Eye Circles

Is there a point in your life that you feel and look so awful because of the wrinkles, acne and dark eye bags? I experience that one time when I was still working at the fast food chain and I did not get much sleep. I worked overtime, took the closing schedules and hang out with my friends late at night. I turned the night into day and vice versa. I slept in the morning and up all night. My friends said I look awful with those dark baggy eye circles like I never sleep at all plus the big pimples that looked so gross on my forehead. And the bad thing about those pimples when they get healed the dark spot or scar stayed there. I used different soap and cleansing to help gets rid of the pimples, wrinkles, and dark eye bags. I do not know any beauty products so, I used any cream to put on my face but still no work. Sometimes we experiment on things like products for our face and skin and ended looking worst. What we need for our dark baggy eye circle is the best eye cream that works effectively to our skin. For those ladies out there who do not have any idea on how to get rid of your puffy bags under your eyes go to they review the best eye cream that would help you get an idea of how to clear up that dark circle under your eyes. They reviewed the eye cream that they make called Lighten and Brighten. Just take a look at the reviews and comments that some readers submitted, and also the input created by their staff to make sure you are on the right track before buying Murad.

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Dhemz said...

maayo ra jud ka tsang kay imo ni gikuha..ako walam man jud ko ika sulat woi..200 words pa jud...hehehe...nosebleed ko....hahahha!

woi dili 12 akong bday...hehehe...lagi unta no...para dungan mi dayon sa imo pretty girl..maninay dayon ko tsang ha...hahaha..ambisyosa kayo imo ayaan...hahaha....joke!

when man diay mo mamalhin tuod?

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