Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments - Hair Cut

mommy moments

Ohh yeah!!! T.G.I.F!:-) Mommy Moments time, this week theme is "Haircut". I've seen other mommy moments entries they brought their kids to a barber shop for a haircut. I wish I can do the same, but my Jake still too young and he always grabbed the comb and scissors and turned his head around when I cut his hair. To avoid any embarrassment and unpleasant situation at the barber shop, I cut Jake's hair. I am the responsible for this crooked cut and not straight. After his first birthday i gave him his first haircut and I thought it came out pretty well whohaha!!! Then just recently I trimmed again his hair and still not straight hehehe, good thing my baby doesn't know how to talk and complain yet or else I'm in trouble.:->

This is Jake's new hair looks right now, both sides and the back of his hairs are not straight.

This was the second time I cut his hair, I had to let him play with the radio and gave him toys to play with during the haircut. I did not finish the haircut coz he started crying, grabbing the scissors and comb.

This was his first hair cut look like, it was so obvious that the bangs were crooked and too short.

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Dhemz said...

wahahaha...ka cute ni Jekoy....lami kaayo pahilakon....hehehe!

Sus tsang, you don;t need to bring him to the barber shop...mahal mahal lang...hehehe...joke...d bitaw, I mean not did a great job on cutting his hair man sad....:)

Ako wala ko entry this week kay wala pa naputlan ang buhoko ni Akesha ang bangs lang...kay d man musogot iya papa...ako sad gani sa una...crooked akong pagka alot sa bangs ni akesha kay lingasan man...karon oks na kay d na lihok..kay ug mag lihok kusian man dayon....hahahhaha!

unsa man lingaw nato diha tsang? sakit ba imo lubot? hehehe...joke

Cecile said...

what a cutie, reminds me of Jake :-)when he has his first haircut, crooked sad hehehe, even npw pag amo gi cut iyang hair, crooked gihapon, pero ok lang man kay okay man sa iya.

dili gud siya ganahan sa barber shop, maghilak man...mao to kami ra ga cut iya hair...naka save pa gud ta ana :-).

chubskulit said...

Hahahahah oiiist dhemz alam ko ang lubot lol..

You did great Mommy Shy, kahit si hubby crooked din lagi ang cut ng hair sa binata namin kasi he wouldn't sit still...

Gwapo pa rin si Jake kahit anong haircut!

Quadmama said...

The haircut turned out great. You're braver than I am. I KNOW I would mess it up... but I do trim my daughters' bangs.

mommy jac said...

Ang pogi talaga ni Jake,bilis ng panahon laki na nya =) Iba talaga pag boys mahirap gupitan but nice try yung second time you cut Jake's hair looks so cute and bagay yung hair style good job sis=)

Evan's Mom said...

I used to cut Evan's hair myself when he was at Jake's age, so crooked haircut isn't new for me, lol. And yes good thing he still didn't know how to complain at that time :)

Seiko said...

Ang galing mo nga eh ,you did the cut so nice & ang cute nya dun sa last pic nya w/ bangs,actually Me & my husband did also the cutting during their youngest time.But I am not as good as you hehe.
Btw,thanks for the visit & leaved a comment as you go.Have a Blessed Sunday Mommy!

Clarissa said...

aawww...what a cutie!!!Ang galing ni Mommy!!I give Mommy Shy a thumbs up to that!!Di ako marunong dyan--hubby ko lang ang naggugupit ng bangs ng hair ni Wakaba at Haruka!Good job,Mommy Shy!!\(^0^)/

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