Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Madness Appointments

Weekend just over and we started our week with busy appointments here and there. Got up so early for a 10:00 o clock appointments for my almost 37 weeks pregnancy. We supposed to only have one appointment for today but ended up having three (3). Of course the buckaroo was with us in every waiting time and had to bribe him with juice, cookie, or anything to munch on and toys so he would stop yelling, screaming and squirming because he got tired setting on his stroller while waiting to be called. We came to the doctor’s office with shoes on and came out with just socks minus the shoes.However, for the past appointments we had, everything was great, baby's measurement, size, health and everything. Well, today's checkups as usual they checked my weight which I gained 132 lbs, blood pressure; normal, urine was fine, fetal heartbeat- 140 which is normal, height and fetal size; was okay but still has big question mark, baby's position was good; head down, cervix; internal examination both rectal and vaginal which according to my doctor I am already a finger tip dilated and some concerning issue about my wheezing and cough. So, the check up went well, but the doctor had to order us for another ultrasound to see the baby's growth. She said, the baby was kind of small, so they sent us to the ultrasound and had to wait there for another 30 minutes. My husband was pouting already because its Jake's lunch time and nap time and he was getting restless. The ultrasound result came out pretty good, the baby weighs 6 lbs. 2 ounces which is very normal for my size plus I came from the Philippines, where most people are petite or have small genetics compared to Caucasian. I wasn't happy with the person who assists us during the ultrasound, she wasn't friendly at all and she didn't give us the pictures of our baby (from the ultrasound). We headed home and this time it was me pouting and hungry. After our lunch we had to leave again for my general practitioner appointment regarding this darn cough. He run some test to see if something wrong with my heartbeat, if I have asthma, allergy or something and found out nothing. The cause of wheezing and coughing was probably from my pregnancy. He prescribed me other medication and advised to keep using the inhaler or pump. If things not getting well after a week an x-ray exam will be conducted to check my chest. Monday wasn't over yet but I am freakin tired already. Hope you guys had a relaxing monday.


Lisa said...

Shy, hapit naka anak sa? wow naa na manghod si Jake...naa na kadula...take care always and hope ang imong ubo mawala na para wa na problema...

katherine said...

Oi ang bundat ka nice posing diha. Na kanang ubo Tsang, usually mutukar na siya inig kabuwanan mo na. hapit naman gud ka manganak mao ng gi-ubo ka. Yeah normal lang ng 6 lbs. oi. hay ako man noon excited na magka baby na pod ka. unsa kaya reaction ni buckaroo nimo if makita nya kapatid nya...haha sus bantayanan kaayo na Tsang kay basig iya kuguson iya manghud, or hungitan ug pagkaon.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I don't think they should allow unfriendly people to do ultrasounds, Don't you think? because it is such a memory you are making and you want to be able to like the ultrasound tech!, right?

Anyway...You look beautiful!!!

Andrea said...

I would be upset, too, if they didn't give me the ultrasound pictures!!! But I am so glad that everything is okay, it sounds like your baby will be here soon! :) I hope you get over your cough! I have had a reaccuring cough off & on the past two years so I know how annoying it is. I still don't know what causes mine, but it lasts for a month with no other symptoms and then goes away. (Right now I don't have it but I'm sure it will come back in a few months-I hope to finally get answers then.) Anyway, the picture of you pregnant and holding Jake is sooooo adorable! Logan would not have been plesant to take along, either. This age is hard!

Cecile said...

I am sorry, Tsang na imong day busy ug tiring kaayo; am glan naman kasi everything went well, labi na sa mga normal na results; sige lang pagbalik nyo pag ultrasound uli, don't forget to ask for the picture of the ultra sound.

unta imong ubo mawala na kay naglisod naka ug ubo. pahulay sa ug inom daghan water.

karon lang ko naka bisita busy kaayo mag finisn task sa blogvertise...karon naga loghop na sad ko kay daghan na akong utang uy, human akong rr taas na sad.

Seiko said...

Napaka cold naman ng nurse na yon Mommy Shy.Anyway what really matter is the check-up went well..kudos!Ang laki laki na ng tyan mo malapit na malapit ng maging kuya si Jake.
Btw,thank you always for the visit,I enjoy reading your comment,it brings me smile talaga kaya mamimiss kita for sure pag nanganak ka na.Take care!Hugs!:)

Mary said...

I have posted my awards. Thank you again.

MommaWannabe said...

You look so great with your pregnant belly.

But the ultrasound person is definitely not at her should always get a picture.

I do hope the coming days are better for you sis.

As for me, I well am still waiting for the 5th week to see if all is good. If the babi/es heart is already beating and all....I don't like waiting;(

Momma Wannabe
Diva Fabulosa Fashion Blog
Life of a Filipina Blogger
The Pinay Blogger @ Home

Anne said...

Tsang, ato ng i welcome ang coming soon baby tsang..naa naba name? excited ko ai...hahahah! ingatz ka tsang ha? kanindot baya sa imong posing diha? Wafa lang gihapon... Pero mas nindot ug i-provide nila pix sa ultrasound para makita pud! remembrance ba!

Dhemz said...

hello tsang, kumusta na nyora? naghapit lang ko dire gabie, nya wala ko nagcomment kay sayo ko natog...hehehe..maau sau ma tog kay sau man mag mata..kay ug late ko mata ron sure jud na ma missed nako ang mga opps...thanks sa buzzer tsang...:) tulog rako balik taod-taod...hehee!

agoy dako naman kaau ka ug in..few more weeks, manganak na jud ka..wohooo...way to go!

ka bug-at sa imong da woi...nya naa pa jud ka gikugos nga buckaroo...joke!

nalingaw ko sa imong reply sa email...nyahahha...lagi kiss and hug daw to sya kay wala man kulot sa amo tsang...both sides way kulot..ambot asa ni giliwat nga bataa...basin sa mga igorot...joke...hehhe!

na taga hawak na bya ni si Akesha sako tsang...nya 3 pa iya much more kung 10 na..molapas na jud ni sako...hehehhe! lagi nganga pa ni woi..maong baby pa tan-awon...hehehe...joke!

hala sige nyora kay flooded na ang akong chicka dire..thanks sa buzz again...mwah!

momgen said...

kaguapa sa buros oy...

Clarissa said...

Ang ganda mo namang mag-buntis,Mommy Shy!!Di tulad ko na nagmukhang balyena lol!!I'm excited na rin sa paglabas ng baby mo,parang ako tuloy ang buntis lol!Never mind the unfriendly staff,tell them that you need the ultrasound pics next check-up.

Bounty said...

What a beautiful family! I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like it! Now it's on my favourites list. I'm a mum of a little boy called Marlow and I really enjoy reading other mummy stories online. Have you picked a name for your new baby yet? I remember I spent a lot of time chilling out choosing my baby names. Here a great link Let us know how it's going!! Jo and her little Marlow

Anonymous said...

Musta na ang buhay America

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