Sunday, August 16, 2009

Curious Jake

Our curious monkey name Jake. He is our buckaroo, lil monster and monkey coz he always apt into something. Climb here and there and reaching stuff like his Dada's wallet and cigarette on top of the table. We caught him many times scattered those sticks of cigarettes on the floor. He can even climb up and down the stairs by himself even if we put a fence on it. He figured it out how to knock that fence that blocked him from going up stairs. Lately, he has been showing a little sweetness to Justine, like giving her a muah kiss and touching her but we still have to keep an eye on him every time he touches Justine coz he gets carried away and ended up pressing Justine's arm so hard.
Here is one of the many times that monkey J, would just climb on top of the couch and touch his lil sister.
His Grandma gave him this little rocking chair that has been in the family for more than 40 years.
One of Jake's pastime is to seat next to his dada's case and trying to open it up. I'm glad until now he doesn't know yet how to unzip it (he is still figuring it out) or else its a major trouble between Jake and Joe (his dada).
The monkey had escaped from his cage and climbed on top of the table. He got my cellphone and start pressing it, good thing it was locked.
He can drink milk from a cup now but we didn't let him to do that more often, because at his age he is still has no self-control. He'll do whatever he wanted to do and never listen to the "no no no".

One of the things that Jake discovered recently that made me and hubby go nuts is gagging. He would place his hand or finger far into his mouth and he will gag. He does this every time we put him on time out or sometimes after lunch which occasionally it result to vomiting. And it's kind of odd coz he finds this thing so amusing to him.

I research that kind of behavior and this is what I found:
"At 17 months of age, you're not dealing with a child who is making a conscious decision to gag himself; what you have on your hands is a child who temporarily finds this kind of activity pleasurable. I would recommend ignoring the behavior, because he probably won't continue to find this to his taste. If, however, he provokes a strong response from you, his behavior will be reinforced, and would be more likely to continue."


1. Your toddler can understand what you are saying and can say words. With a blossoming vocabulary of approximately 15 words in addition to "Mama" and "Dada," he'll soon be able to say short "sentences." You may find yourself starting to resume speaking in more "adult" tones and using longer sentences. Keep talking! The more he hears, the more he will pick up.

2. Your toddler may be ready to explore the world on her own and venture a bit further away from you. No sooner do you sit down than she's out of sight and you have to jump up to find out what she's gotten into. Rather than run after her all the time, catch her attention by saying, "Bye-bye!" Then take a step or two in the opposite direction. She will most likely run after you after a few moments. But be prepared to run if she doesn't! Enjoy her emerging independence and revel in the fact that she still wants you close by.


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LODS said...

that is so true shy. with kaitlyn i have to trick her into thinking that were going ba-byes or else she wont even come near me and when push comes to shove we would have to chase her down and dont be decieved by our kids little legs for those lil legs can pump up the speed and rum like a bat out of hell,lol

Momgen said...

heheh ka cute sa baby oy. wa pa koy ikasulti bahin sa naa nay ikaduha kay wa pa ko hehehe.

Chubskulit Rose said...

hahahaha kung ganyan ganyan ba ang mga ungoy eh, si jakoy na ang pinakagwapong unggoy sa bung universe bakla lol... parang ang laki ni justine noh..

sabi nga pala ni rylie, pinsan nya daw ang dalaga mo hahaha, kasi yung sis kong si lyn, justine din name ng daughter nya lol..

Leilanie said...

hi, wanna exchange badges? ive already added yours to my site.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...kakatuwa naman tong unggoy gosh...glad Akesha don't know how to climb...mabuang siguro ko ug ani man siguro ning mga lalaki sako mga cousins nga lalaki..sos pwerting lihuka..d maka puyo lagi...maau kaayo magkatkat...bahala ug buto-buto...ah katkat gihapon...hehehe!

woi ka sweet ni jake...kisses man jud sa iya sissy....:)

wow as in? 40 years? wow antique...lucky jake...sya man jud ang nakasunod...hehehehe!

wi, tsang, mustamos man ang inyong weekend?

woi unsa man diay nga meds imo ginatake....basin sa nakaon kaha to nimo nagka allergy ka tsang....nag try ka ug soak sa warm nga tubig?

agi ko dire...ugma nako visit sa uban ka tribo nato kay gaduka na akong mata...maulahi napod ko ani sa opps ugma kay late na mata...ehheheh!

thanks sa dalaw, pindot, ug comments tsang...mwah!

Nisha said...

Hi Shy dud, can just view the first pic as the others haven't downloaded but i must come back to see the other pics too, esp the antique 40 year old chair, and Jake playing with his grand dad! you have a very adorable family and there's always so much interestingly written here about your life with all of them.. and its a real pleasure to know more each time :-)

Seiko said...

Nakakatuwa naman si jake,'m enjoying seeing his photos & it came up into my senses na iba talaga ang boy sa girl ano?
I've never experienced that into my kids but then thanks for the sharing para naman sa magiging grand child ko in the near future,atleast may idea na ako.Thanks for the warm comment you sent me nga pala.We really enjoyed a lot & you're absolutely right,hindi kayang tumbasan ng pera all the happiness we had had during our vacay.Really thanks a lot:)
Please give my hugs & kisses to Jake & Justine:D

hopeful said...

Jake is same with my son sis mura monkey, tugkan jud tawon ko ug nervious ky mgsaka saka sa hagdan, lamesa ug uban pa.

Ang ako cellphone ibalibag hastang bungkaga lagi,usahay mahampakan nko mguol ko pgkahuman... ambot unsaon kaha ni oi.

Lulu said...

agoy mami shy mura pod ug unggoy ni si andrea intawon... ug malipat ko agoy tua na nisaka sa among dining table! if dili gani naho i tie ang belt sa iyang high chair agoy tua na nag tindog sa tray... niagi jud ug nahagbong... pero wa ko kakita nakit-an nalang naho tua na sa floor...waaahhh...

wow kamao na si jake mogunit ug moinom sa cup... sus si andrea pag cup agoy yabo dayon!

musta na ikaw oi... miss our chikkas...

Cecile said...

ka busy guyd imong buckaroo, tsang; mao to gikapoy ka sa iyang :-).

maayo na ba imong legs? unta makatabang imong tambla.

sige balik ko unya ha :-)

David Funk said...

Those are cute pics! I especially like the one where he's sitting next to his dad's case. It's funny that he looked into the camera on that one!

Thanks for sharing my dear friend!

Leilanie said...

thanks! i didnt realize it did that. i think its fixed now. try it again.

Unknown said...

little jake is so sweet..maayo kay wala siya nagaselos sa iyang little sister Inday..

i can't actually relate with this sis kay wa pa man koy anak oi..hehehe..

Clarissa said...

Awww...sweet lil Jake!!Feeling nya talaga kuyang-kuya na cya!!^_^Iba nga ang magpalaki ng baby boy sa girl--napapansin ko sobrang likot anoh?!Talagang kailangan ko ng baby boy para maging payat ako sa kahahabol sa kanya lol!!Pahiram nga ke Jake!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

manginabuhi napod ko dire ug otro tsang....:) mustamos imong monday diha?

hope all is well..wala baka nag duka? hhehehe! sayo ko mato gron kay kapoy akong monday...daghan chore ganina...late nako naka post...sige night night...mwah!

Tetcha said...

And now they are two, Jake and Justine. Your days will be much busier and noisier, but I'm sure they'll be much brighter because these kids bring so much joy to your family.

Jacris said...

smart kid talaga si Jake sis and lovable. the 3rd photo ang cute nya d2 bagay yung title curious Jake :p

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