Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Nanny to the Rescue

Having a 17 month old toddler and a new born baby girl is not that easy. Taking care of Jake is exhausting by itself. He is now super active, and he likes to explore. He is curious of everything that is, he is a handful. We have our eyes on him all the time, because every time Justine makes noises such as a cry or fuss, Jake runs to her quickly and starts rubbing her hand. But, we can't trust Jake being alone with her because sometimes he is sweet, and other times he is mean, and he is always clever! We caught him taking a swipe at Justine many times. Thank goodness for a website that helps parents with ideas and suggestions for taking care of their babies. If you are looking for a parenting forum, then it is just one click away. You can see what other parents are doing and how they solve problems. Maybe you just want some parenting advice. That is good if you are new at parenting. If you go to these sites, you can find all of the ideas that you need in order to improve your parenting skills. I wish you good luck in all that you do.




katherine said...

hay sus, Tsang, bantayi jud tawon ng buckaroo nimo kay basig iya hagaron ug dula iya little sister nya iya patindugon haguyyyy...kahadluk..hehe.

Dhemz said...

hehehhe....nanny to the rescue ang solution.....sos tawon inahan d man ko ka afford sa nanny dire sa merica...maau pa sa pinas kay pwede ra bilin sa silingan....:)

agoy ka kuyaw tsang....hehehe...kulbaan man sad ko unsay buhaton ni jake kay baby justine..ana man ata ng mga bata...wala pa man jud buot...pero sige lang in time...he will realize that and be a good kuya to his little sissy....:)

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