Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are Vaccines Safe?

Justine just got her first vaccination today. She got 4 shots and thank God everything went well, cry and scream are expected. There are some parents who choose not to have their kids vaccinated. They even disagree with the idea of vaccinations for the thought that its hurting their kids especially the baby and it may cause many serious side effects. Well, the truth is Vaccines are safe and very important for the kids to prevent serious diseases. ” The long- term health of our children depends on immunization,” says mark Diamond, MD, a member of Children Community Pediatrician- the largest pediatric and adolescent primary care medical network in Western Pennsylvania. I read this in some magazines that the American Academy of Pediatrics concurs, In the United States alone, immunizations have eliminated smallpox and polio, and drastically reduced the incidence of formerly common infections such as diphtheria and tetanus. We know watching our baby crying after those needle stuck in their body ispainful on our part as a parents, but we are after with the good of our children. They might still a baby but they are smart and brave and have their own way of dealing with that kind of pain. Children who are not vaccinated put their friends, families and others without immunity at risk of contracting the disease. Consider measles, which is extremely contagious. Without the measles vaccine, the disease would spread like wildfire every year.



Jac said...

Hi sis, thank you for sharing this wonderful post this coming Nov. my schedule kami for influenza vaccination... Take care and God bless..

Happy weekend :p

rjs mama said...

some people think that a certain vaccine causes autism on boys, i forgot what vaccine it was, saw it on the Oprah show

dhemz said...

woi, as in..4 man jud....oh sure grabi nga syagit ni baby justine.....

tsang, kumusta na nyora...miss our tabi...hehehe...saonz nga busy man kaau ko ganiha kay quiz man jud namo...maong nangamote

karon lang jud ko nakabalik sa blog land....musta na diha?

woi, nag black out diay mo gahapon? agoy sige lang kay wala man pod opps...hehehhee....

sowe now lang ko kalaag tsang ha...miss you....

kisses ko sa mga chikading diha!

_el@i_ said...

hello, shy! i agree with you, children should be vaccinated! I believe it could prevent them from diseases... ;)

Seiko said...

I agree too.My kids had their complete vaccination 'though & they are all healthy.Congrats to Justine for her first vaccination:D

Lulu said...

na di mada ug way vaccine dinhe kay di maka skul sila ka requirement man na intawon.... na sus tag 4 bitaw na kada visit every 3 months... hala sige padayon ulirang ina!

d'kitchen said...

hello tsang...musta atong pamingwit diha.....wala ko ka sapon ganina tsang..waiting ko sa opps....

hay pastilan. ka mingaw sa life dire woi...gloomy pa ang palibot...maka samot ug kapungot sa gibati...heheheh!

agi ko dire tsang...brb rako unya....ako sani isuroy akong kusina....:) kisses ko sa mga chikading!

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