Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments - Special Trips

mommy moments

It's weekend once again and another time for "Mommy Moments" hosted by Chris. For this week theme "Special trips", we had two trips so far that we really enjoyed as family, one from last year and another one from January of this year. And Justin's special trips for now was during the time we went to Slippery Rock to visit their Granma Mary.

Scroll down to see more pictures

Our first vacation to Vegas last year. Jake was roughly four months old then. He was such a good boy on the plane in both our vacation trip.

Happy fun filled weekend to ya'll. Ciao!




Dhemz said...

agoy pagka bibo sa inyong trips tsang..sakay sakay lang plane sa...hehehhe!

ka cute sa first pic da....hehehhe...tog ba ni sila duha?

kumusta ka diha nyora? hope all is well....sakit akong kalikuran woi....tagad sa opps...waaaaaaa...butlog man!

asa man mo this weekend tsang? wala pa me plans man....naka palit naka ug costumes sa imong mga pispis?

Cecile said...

Tsang, ganda naman ng mga pictures nyo dire :-); fave nako tong una na natug man imong babies, so precious :-)!

Cacai M. said...

naghukas-hukas si Jikoy Tsang, lami kumuton ky tambutsiki mn ayo gud.. I mean sweet nga kumot hap! unsa pah..

Cacai M. said...

naghukas-hukas si Jikoy Tsang, lami kumuton ky tambutsiki mn ayo gud.. I mean sweet nga kumot hap! unsa pah..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowowow super dami nyo din palang trip bakla.. lambing lambingin mo lang si Joe para lagi kayo ipasyal heheheh..

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kat said...

ay apil diay ang sakay sa cart..hehe..kahayahay ni buckaroo..sige lang laag. maayo unta laag pod mo uban justine..hehe

Momgen said...

aguy kacute ba kaayo sa mga bata...

Unknown said...

LOL...what a sweety...He looks like a very happy little one :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

How angelic is your baby and how wonderfully beautiful is your family. I really love pictures of families bonding together. They always make my day. Thanks for the post and the homey pictures. God bless you always.

Lulu said...

i like the first pic kay peace ang life! peace ang nanay kay tulog ang jurassic park!

Tetcha said...

Don't you love kids when they sleep? Nakakatuwang panoorin! Thanks for sharing photos of your trips, Shy.

Seiko said...

I agree w/ Mommy Tetcha!Ganyan din ako sa mga kids ko,untill now 'm enjoying looking at them while they were sleeping.Parang mga angels.I enjoyed looking at Jake & Justines photos in here.
Btw,ok lang yon mommy,I understand na busy ka rin dyan,specially right now dalawa na ang maliit mo,what realy matter to me is atleast we can entwined pa rin at hindi nakakalimot di ba?Thanks for the visit.I just came home from my kids race at heto nga hinabol ko lang yung entry ko at nag-adik adik pa kamo talaga lol.Have a great Monday to you & your family.Hugs & kisses to Jake & Justine.Balik ako dito tomorrow pasyalan ko pa yung ibang site mo:D

Maus said...

thanks for droppingby shy
laki na ng baby mo. ilang kilo na sya?

Sassy Mom said...

Hehehe! The first photo made me smile. They're so cute!

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Have a great week!

*My Bundles of Joy*

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