Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ebay Shopping Galore

Since I started earning moolah through blogging, my babger was taking in control of my paypal. So, I talked to him and he returned my paypal to me right after new year. As soon as I got my paypal back in hand the shopaholic side of me went to eBay and shop hehehehe. It's bakla's fault she got me addicted with the mypoints thengy. Mypoints will rewards some points if you registered in paypal and for every dollar has points too. So I registered and started looking around some stuff. I found lots of nice stuff and bid with it. I lose and outbidded some of it but I won these three stuff. I had to stop going to eBay otherwise babger will take the paypal back waaaaa No Way high way!


Lulu said...

you deserve to shop.... it is hard to compose 200 words, yah know! lol

chubskulit said...

Tama si Lulu hehehe. Love the heels bakla.. Just a quickie, taking abreak lang and alam mo na addict sa blogging hehehe..

teJan said...

hahhahaha... haaay mao jud ni ako nahan oi kay comments can put a smile even a laugh into my face...aheheheh!

anyway, hmm interesting!hehe

Dhemz said... gosh! welcome to the world of online shopping tsang....ahhaha! way high way woi...:)

kuyaw kay naka daug naman dayon ug 3 ka deserve it bayot....:)

labay ko dire kadali bayot..bag-o lang ko nahuman ug rake sa leaves...hay buhay...ikaw diha tsang ka shovel baka ug snow? lol!

Rosa said...

hello sis, try your luck to win $5,000 from who knows you might win it! goodluck!

♥Willa♥ said...

Dami ko na nabili sa eBay pero di ko alam yang may points na yan, baka available lang yan jan sa US.
No sis, hindi ako makauwi, sobrang conflict kasi sa situation, lahat ng travel docs namin including passport nasa Canadian immigration kasi inaayos namin maging resident dito,kahit na kunin ko,hindi rin naman agad agad,tapos we have to go back from scratch. I know my mom understand, bec she always will.Nakausap ko naman sya for the last time,kaya although I feel sad about the situation,I'm not really guilty about it.dahil for sure, iyon din gusto nya na gawin ko.Nakausap ko naman sya during her last moment, yung huling lakas nya, sa pag uusap namin naubos.
Thank you sis for the words of comfort.

Cacai M. said...

woi.. am sure nga good deals ni Tsang.. unsa pod na^ mypoints oi, wla ko sukad sa ebay--amazon mnko.. will try sguro kung makasabot q.. :-) ka-nice sa heels Tsang..

momgen said...

hehehe maayo kay gihatag na gyd ni hubby ang paypal hehhheheh

Mom of Four said...

There was one stage in my life that I got addicted to Ebay and drained our bank account. So, now, I stay away from it. I bought stuff that we didn't really need. Hay! I guess, it's just the thought of outbidding other people, it became a challenge for me, hayzzz! No more Ebay now, unless na di ko mahanap ang gusto kong hanapin..

Bambie dear ★ said...

lol every mom esp SAHM deserves to treat herself with shopping.. buti ka pa ur earning, ako kaya? goodluck.. .more online blessings to come this year =) mwah

Juliet said...

kataw-anan man ka she oi. bitaw mayo pud na shopping panagsa pero bantay ka basi mahurot ang kita sa blogging hehehe!

Scotty's Princess said...

Hola Shy! Thanks for dropping off a very inspiring comment at Lainy's Musings. I truly appreciate the gesture.

Anyways, I have been an eBay shopper too and I must say it's addictive! Sometimes I splurge that I can't control myself. What I usually do is refrain myself from opening the site itself!


But hey! We deserve to pamper ourselves once in a while because it is our hard-earned money.

Happy shopping and may you enjoy your weekend in grand style!


Anne said...

wa agree ko nila tsang, hala shooping lang gud. Bahal suko si banana...hahaha

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