Thursday, March 4, 2010

Form 1099 is Finally Here

The long awaited, so in demand form in the time of tax season has finally found our mail box. We had been waiting for this piece of paper on the mail for more than a month so we could file our federal taxes. Finally, it arrived this morning thanks a lot IZEA for the follow up. When I heard from tsang Dhemz that she got her 1099 form on the mail last night was a relieved. My husband had been threaten to call IRS if we didn't receive this paper on the mail this week. I can't stand the agony, swearing and complains I heard everyday while waiting for this piece of paper on the mail, it stressing me out. Thank God the form is finally in our hand today. Now, that our tax is done let us start to wait again for the refund waaaaa.


chubskulit said...

Same here bakla, dami nyo ba refund.. Kakakinis lang at self emplyed tayo, so we have to pay our social security, medicare, and of course tax.. Yung kita ni John sa Blogging na more than 2K ipambabayad lang sa tax wahhhhh.. When we entered our blogging income, our refund dropped from 5k to 2k, imagine that.. hay buhay.. But, sabi nga nila, buti na sa wala diba.

Cacai M. said...

Agoy Tsang, maau gani ky niabot na.. homana diay mo file? Sus kami ugma pah.. though wla ko apil sa ss.. heheh.. sa payu ra dogay ra mn niabot ako but ugma pa lang mi magfile.. lol.. ayo2x dha Tsang.. ~hugs~

Cecile said...

glad the wait is over, kami din karon lang namo nadawat eh :-)...sige hulat na ta sa refund moabot, yay!

♥Willa♥ said...

miss ko ang aming tax return sa US, we always got more $$$, dito,first time namin mag pa file, malabo pa sa lubluban ng kalabaw na may refund kami!

Melanie said...

and that is the best part of waiting....refund !!!! we havn't got ours yet..

Dhemz said...

ayay! wohooo,,,makapalit na jud ta ug wii ani bayot...hhehehe...joker kaau kay wala pa gani g abot ang refund...nangita nako ug deals sa online...joker!

sos dapat mag celebrate mo ni jose tsang...dine out dayon mo...ehehhee!

kumusta ang inyong weekend bayot? lili lang ko dire kadali....sos kami mingaw tawon kaau among weekend kay duty ni goryo sa!

DebbieDana said...

That's good sis...We're still waiting for ours here....hopefully very soon meron na rin.....Will check our mail after lunch, keeping my fingers crossed I'll find the most awaited form 1099.


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