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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy Moments - First Aid Tips

mommy moments

It's Mommy Moments once again and First Aid Tips is this week theme. Jake is a kind of baby or kid that doesn’t complain nor fuss when he is hurt. He didn't flinch when he got 2 or looks like 3rd degree burnt from our portable space heater. He didn't react when a bumble bee bit him and died under his shirt. He was a tough kid I would say. Then last month another major accident that caught us off guard. He was playing, got frustrated, threw a fit and hit his head at the edge in one of the Lego blocks he was playing with. Hubby was playing in front of the computer when Jake reached out to him bleeding. Of course he panicked as soon as he saw the blood in his head, as in non stop bleeding. We had cold pack but at that time all we think of was Jake and how to make the bleeding stop. I placed clean cloth in his head to make the bleeding stop while hubby was getting ready to rush Jake to the hospital. Fortunately, the bleeding had stop and we decided not to take him to the hospital. Since we did not have any bandages and other first aid stuff then except the bad aid and antibiotic for cut and burn hubby decided to run to the store instead and get those necessary things for the wound. We put band-aid at his head to keep the blood from bleeding. This was how his wounded head looked like. We used band aid because no bandage available in our medicine kit.

Since then, we stored bandages, gauze pads even if the is accident or not. We had almost everything like aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, cortisone and more even Pepto Bismol - you're covered hehehe(thats what it says in the commercials)is always in our medicine kit. I just hope and pray nothing like that won't happen anymore in the future or tomorrow or any given. Jake learned from that incident I supposed because every time he throw a fit or have tantrums now he is always careful not to bang his head too hard on the floor. I just wish this terrible twos stage will be over soon.

If you want to learn more first aid tips hop on over at Chris' Mommy Journey. You can also share any tips you know. Happy Weekend! TGIF.


Lulu said...

pepto dayon basta mag alibasow ang tiyan... wow ang omega starring kaayo... ang ako kay efficacent oil wahehehe

Dhemz said...

agoy kaluoy sa bata....criss-cross tawon ang iyang ulo...ehhehehe!

starring ang omega da......unya nako post kay mag EC sako....lol!

balik rako unya tsang...:)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice info..kumusta na..


poor jakoy!!! mao na leksion dong,dli idakdak ang ulo,ug imu gyudi dakdak or ipakong imu ulo look for something soft,hehehe.. sus ako g kuyawan nag basa shy.i would have panicked siguro and called 911 already if my MIL hasnt by then. but nindot pud ka butang ang band aid mura ug bulakbulak,heheheh.

nice A said...

You have a new well-organized first aid kit. Indeed, experience is the best teacher.
Thanks for sharing Jake's story.

Cecile said...

wawa naman si Jake uy :-(; maayo na lang kay laging handa si Mama to care for him :-)

♥Willa♥ said...

katakot naman pala ang kalikutan ni Jake! pero wala pa rin, for sure after malagyan ng band aid,tuloy pa rin ang ligaya nya.:D

chubskulit said...

ouch kawawa naman si jake.. Kumusta ka dyan bading?

Anne said...

Pastilan luuya sa bata. May gani ang inahan kay anad sa 1st aid. Tnx sa tip tsang, ulo pa jud ning kay Jake pastilan makakurog ug tuhod ni.

Mel Alarilla said...

It is always advisable to have a complete first aid kit at home in cases of emergencies. Kawawa naman si Jake. Mabuti na lang at pareho kayong nasa bahay at na treat nyo agad ang sugat niya. Masyado lang nakakatakot yung anak mo na pagnagta tantrums ay me tendency na saktan ang sarili niya. Hindi kaya nakukuha nang anak mo ang mga sintomas na iyon dahil sa madalas na pagaaway ninyong magasawa? Kailangang maayos ninyo ang symptoms ni Jake na prone to violence at baka makalakihan niya ang ganyang ugali. I pray for your kids and your whole family that somehow someway, peace, love and harmony shall reign in your household. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Laane said...

I always kept a few well ironed teatowels and handkerchiefs in a desinfected box.
Ironing is a way of desinfecting. (Take special care of the seams.)

I've often used them, not only for my own children but also for others.

I hope he feels pretty with his little bandaid hat, and I hope he heals soon.

Bambie dear ★ said...

ganyan yata talaga pag lalaki, mas prone sa accident kasi mas malikot.. kaya dapat talaga maging girls scout pagdating sa first aid..
pero buti nalang matapang si Jake...

bigla ko tuloy naalala, na wala nga pala kami band aid sa bahay, thanks sa pagpapaalala..


Shy, jakes tantrum is by far milder than Kaitlyns... kids have different ways of showing the emotion they are feeling.and he does not have the tendency to hurt himself, that is what you call an ACCIDENT. jake didnt' purposely hit his head on the table.

We parent our kids in different ways. we can't be all super mom and dad, parenting is also trial and error...

Chris said...

thanks for sharing your story... and your tips this week at Mommy Moments!

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