Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pinoy Ako

Geez, when is the last time I played Mommy Moments? I honestly don't remember. As I was visiting tsang Dhemz blog I read the theme for this week Mommy Moments, so I clicked through the link and checked the host's blog. In celebration of the "Linggo ng Wika", Mommies will be featuring and shares any stories or photos about how our kids embrace being a Filipino. Honestly, I don't sat down and teach my kids filipino or tagalog but everyday I speak Bisaya or Cebuano to them. I don't expect them to follow but I noticed that Justine have been following what I say and do. The video below was just some random days that we played with the camera. So, after i checked the theme I uploaded the pictures from the camera to my computer that I took since Justine's birthday.

Lately, Jake had been noticing our skin color. He said to me one time that I am brown, Dada is white. Jake and Justine are white too. So, Joe explained to him that Mama is a Filipino therefore he is half pinoy. Well, he still 3 years old and he doesn't care with the explanation whatsoever. I think this video will fit with the theme.


Pinx said...

hi mommy shy! cute kaayo imong baby... hehehe...proud to be pinoy jud... bisdak pud... visit ni from MM.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...mamuot man jud ko ani nga video...I saw this at FB this woi...hahaha....shuang lagi ka tsang...sige ko agik-ik...hahaha...putay woi...hhahaa...lami raba kau mo ngisi bataa...ehehhee!

na mao bitaw pod si Akesh buddy daw ug ako brown...nya sila duha sa iya papa white daw...waaaaaa...naunsi nani...ehhehee...we tried to explain to her and now she's getting it...ehhehehe...mau gani ni ato mga bata kay half...kita wata kabalo kung unsa ta nga half...wahehehe...half ita man siguro!

lili ko kadyot tsang...getting ready to pick my estudyante...hehhehe! xoxo

Tetcha said...

Ang cute naman ni Justine! Filipino is an easy language to learn, so I'm sure Jake and Justine will learn speaking our language easily. Thanks for the visit, Mommy Shy!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Please visit my Komentaryo blog to view my special birthday treat to Dhemz. Here's the url: Thanks and God bless you all.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Justine never fails to amaze me with her natural charm and intelligence. Malilito lang yung mga anak mo kasi multilingual ang itinuturo mo sa kanila. Pilya ka talaga Shy. Pati ba naman yung private part eh itinuturo mo rin, hehehe. Alam ko yun kasi waray ang misis ko. Buti na lang hindi nakita ni Manoling at baka na censor, hehehe. Thanks for the entertaining post. God bless you all always.

anne said...

Hahahhaha nahimuot ko ug maayo ang cute super. Mine is up and its here thanks My Little Home

Mommy Rubz said...

I love your video Marz! So cute ni Justine!!

Lea said...

Awwws, that's cute...Btaw though wla ka nag teach Shy mka pick up rana sa mga words ky mao man imo gi talk against them...It's a big advantage bya gyud nila nga biligual or multilingual....same sa ako baby amo gitudluan kasabot jud cya bisaya, little tagalog tungod sa teleserye...way to go..have a blessed Sunday Shy! :)

David said...

ako pod 100 years na wala ni apil ug mommy moments.... cute imong vid

Silvergirl said...

she is so cuteeeeeee :)

Divine said...

she's so cute! and the video...wait when she grows up and sees this video!! hehehe!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Hahaha! She-- cutipie man kaayo si justien oi! Slang kaayo mo-binisaya or tinagalog. Maayo ka diha kay naay sagol tagalog, among bata diri, as in bisdak jud. di jud ni sya kasabot ug tagalog. nyahaha. bisaya nuon kay sukol jud ni sya. :D katawa ko sa puday. winaray man na di ba? kahinumdom man gud ko sa akong mama nga puday iyang tawag. LOL

Visiting late na kaayo ko for MM oi. nevertheless, hope you can still check out my Proud to be Pinoy post japon! Thanks!

Chris said...

my kids are half chinese and half filipino... there are days that i definitely want them to learn chinese too... it is heritage to know the language of your family. :)

God bless you!

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