Thursday, January 19, 2012

19/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge | Toys

Look who's playing with these toys?

Not the kids but Mommy. J&J were playing with these tiny toys but they don't know how to put theme away. So, I hid these toys from them because I want to play with it. There are not any ordinary toys we want to buy at any toy stores and online toy stores but they're cute collection. The blue smurfs were from Akesha, Dhemz daughter. The two little dogs, I got that from a vending machine. The two princesses, snowwhite and belle, we got that from a friend as Christmas presents to J&J and the two juice and milk bottle are from Justine's baby that I do not know where it is now.

I could have posted right here Jake's toy story toys but I forgot to take picture of all the toy story characters that we have at Jake's toy chest. We even have three different buzz lightyear toys and couple of Woody toys. It's expensive to buy baby toys and toddler toys but we stll have to buy them anyway otherwise you will be dealing with monster kids screaming at the store because mommy and daddy did not buy him toys. Or what if they're going to sue us because we did not buy them toys hehehe, I'm exaggerating yo.

So, who wants to play princess with me? Let's meet up at Dhemz palace then. See yah there, mwah!


Ms. Journ said...

agoy unsa ni tsang balik sa pagkatigulang lol... ka cute sad sa collection ug adunahan sa mga sponsors.. hehe..

Finally dia na akong beauty.

Momgen said...

Kacute ani oy...late visit from teh challenge.

Jessica said...

kita jud tig hipos Mommy Shy kung dili mahurot ug kawala ilang toys, maki pagdula pud ko nimo Princess, ako dad-on tung yellow Belle ni Kelsey hehehe. Laag ko from #19 of BPC, hope that you can laag pud here

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaaa...ang inahan man diay ang nagduwa ani....ehhehe...ka cute kau...:) agoy, ma sue jud labi na makita ang anak naghilak sa public...hehhehe!

kuyaw jake da kay naa 3 different buzz lightyear...swerte ni atong mga anak karong panahona kay bisan asa lang ilang toys...kita tawon sa una, sos maihap ra jud ang duwaan...nya ilugan pa...hehhee!

dalikyat ko bayot...bag-o lang nahuman ug silbi sa mga serve ug ice cream...pastilan!

EC kadyot...mwahness sa J&J!

cassandrasminicorner said...

Beautiful collection bitaw na sila Mommy so take care of them. Tago na lng para safety:)

Visiting for # 19 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

talagang kids love toys....

Shahz said...

Daghan man kaha na sila sponsor.. heheehe,, tagae gyd na sila ky kadto bata ka wala baya ka toys... hehehe

Emzkie said...

aw ka cute mommy! naa ra bya ko collection of disney princess mga gagmating kadako sa thumb. katong nasa Taiwan pa ko kay sa 7/11 ko naga kaon, tapos kung maka spend ka ug more than 20nt$ naa kay free disney character princess. kada adlaw naga spend ko ug 20nt$ para lang naay disney princess. tapos gina trade nako ang pareho. cute kaau kay tanan mi Pinay naga collect. hehe

visiting #19

""rarejonRez"" said...

Ehehe! Ka-cute ani nga mga toys oi! Wala mi ani diri, maong mo-volunteer ko ug apil. Sige, asa man ta ug kanus-a magsugod sa first session for mommy's game? hahaha.

laag ko ug late for bpc 19! :D

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hahaha, this mommy is still a kid at heart playing with her kid's toys. Yes, it's very hard not to buy our kids their desired toys especially if they are on a toy store and crying their lungs out. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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