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Saturday, January 21, 2012

21/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge | Not a Mutant

Still sicky awee boohooo

I thought I am a mutant that I have superpower and one of the X-men ngek, but I thought wrong. Justine is okay now and Jake still have a little cough and cold. Jake slept all day and went to bed early with me too. He was probably so sick that he couldn't get up to pee in the bathroom. He peed in the couch and said, he did not pee but he is wet. So, if you come by our place do not sit on the couch coz there's pee on it bwahahahaa just a warning. I went to bed very early last night and got up past twelve today. I'm still nursing a bad cough and runny nose plus head ache and sore throat. It's obvious I'm not a mutant, I'm just an old hog.

Linking this post to 366 Day Blog Photo Challenge :)


Miss T said...

Hello Shy, Happy New Year!

I hope you'll feel better soon.
Take Care

kat said...

haguy, pagka faet...gipang ubo diay mo sa snow. maayo ako kay nakasibat na sa super tugnaw nga place hehehe. laag ko diri Tsang from BPC ni dhemz.

naa ko entry tua sa Mom's Place

Dhemz said...

hay pastilan, abi ko man ug d ka madutlan bayot..ehehee...old hog man jud...anay diay? atot...joke!

kalouy tawon ninyo kay nagsakit man mo...kamo pa jud tulo...kuyaw jud ni si justine ug immune system da kay active gihapon bisan na yayay...louya pod tawon ni jake nakaihi tawon sa kaluya.

get well soon guys...mwah!

Emzkie said...

poor mommy. get well soon! lisod dyud kung ang inahan magkasakit pud, kay walay mag atiman nato. ako magkasakit ko kay wa may muatiman nako, masking mag lung-ag man lang ug itlog, pakaon sa naay sakit, wa dyud. hahay.. life sa tate. i hope u guys feel better soon!


Chin chin said...

Hi Shydub. I hope you really get well soon.

Venus Layugan said...

get well soon :)


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

magpagaling ka agad....

Shahz said...

K alo.oi pd nimu ug nawong ting... hahaha makadumdum man nuon ko sa cebu pa ta nga ge ingnan ra ko nimu nga patay naka weng ky perti ako sipon ug ubo.... hehehehe

wifetoalineman02 said...

tsk tsk wa mi saler atong power Mommy Shy :-( wawa naman c Mommy Shy, get well real soon Mommy asta imong mga bata ky d maau nga magsakit ta ky ato japon tanan :-( Returning the visit from #21 of BPC.


Umma said...

Nagkasakit diay mo tulo tsang? I can relate to the feelings kay pareho jud ta basta magkasakit.

Rest sa ang beauty ni lola para naay energy sa blogging. Luoya pod sang mga dragons mo, mao lagi basta kids magkasakit kay kabudlay jud magbantay.

Drink more liquid tsang to avoid dehydration. Get well soon...

cassandrasminicorner said...

Na expired na imong pagka mutant, Sheila:) Pagka fait anang magsakit..Inom daghan tubig, kaon daghan Orange para dali ra maau..

Visiting for #21 BPC! Here's mine-hope you can stop by:)


""rare*jonRez"" said...

aguy, sorry about that she! banat kaon grapefruits ba! di lagi na magdugay ang sakit and the mutant in you will be back! :)


purethoughts said...

aww sorry to hear you're sick,mommy shy. get well soon, old dog!haha! here for BPC thanks for the visit!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I am still praying for your divine healing. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Amen. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

MaiThreeBoyz said...

hope you're feeling better now, shy. inom dami liquid. wish ko lahat ng mommies me super power, hahaha. i know the feeling, we just came from a case a c.pox that hit everyone in the household, except hubby. kala ko ba, porke mom, me immunity. e ako una tinamaan, waaah. sana tuloy-tuloy na ang paggaling ninyo. God Bless.

PS. Natuwa kami ni Simon sa mga videos ni Justine sa YouTube. :) So cute!

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