Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Overprotectiveand Snow Angel

Aren't they the sweetest little thing?

The sibling rivalry of course still there. They still fight once in a while and Jake shows jealousy over Justine as well. Other than jealousy, Jake is also over protected on Justine. He panicked and scared if Justine come inside a dark room. Jake is in the age right now of imagining things around like monsters. He saw a Thomas and Friends movie where the trains scared of the monsters and ghost. Anyway, he doesn't want Justine to be eaten by a monster so he had to make sure his little sister is in the safe area where he can see her. We went for a walk on New year's day and he wants to hold Justine. The little Miss allowed him to hold her hand until we reached the trail and the little Miss wanted to explore the woods. As I have said before, this little Miss is stubborn and has a mind of her own. I had to explained to Jake that Justine wants to be free like a bird. The little Miss heard what I said and she agreed , "yes, I wanna be free like a bird" said Justine.

Today, they spent most of they time playing outside and making a snowman. Jake also tried to create a snow angel.

How was your day everyone?


Roda said...

wishing you a great new year. stopped by as the pictures of Justine and Jason caught my eye. They look so cute....God Bless........Roda

Dhemz said...

that is the sweetest gesture ever! ka overprotected man diay ni big bro jake...hehhehe! hhahhahaaa...eaten by a monster or ghost...:)

mau na jud kau ni si justine mo storya tsang ba...free like a bird...so cute!

ganahan ko sa outfit sa kikay...:)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Great that Jake is over protective of Justine in spite of their sporadic sibling rivalry. They can now frolic in the snow and enjoy doing fun games in the snow. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Lainy said...

How sweet! Pagka cute nalang jud nila tan-awon, Shei. Good thing that Jake is a very overprotective elder brother. Maglisod ang mga guys ana kay Justine inig abot sa panahon, LOL!

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