Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fast Easy Clothes Folder, Organizer, & Fun Time Saver MiracleFold™

Doing laundry is not as tedious compared before when we wash our dirty clothes by hand. But still, it is one of the least favorite household chores in my list. All thanks to technology because doing laundry become less dreadful with the help of washing machine and dryer too. One thing never change though in that department, the folding of the clean clothes that is. Apparently, I am not the only one that complains and hate this kind of chores. Well, worry no more because I have found a wonderful solution to this folding clothes problem. I was so happy and excited when I received this MiracleFold from OvertheEdge as sample product to try for free in exchange of my honest review. Finally, I will never dread the laundry folding process again. Here is MiracleFold to the rescue!
The name of the product MiracleFold say it all, plus there is more to it than just a miracle. Folds a garments in just 5 seconds. Your husband and even kids can now do the folding chores easily, neatly and fun. All they have to do is place MiracleFold on a flat surface, put the garment on top of it and a few folds here and there and voilà! You got a neatly folded clothes right in front of you. MiracleFold Instructions included in the box. MiracleFold™ works on any shirt - long sleeve, short sleeves, tank tops, button down, collared shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants and towels. MiracleFold™ Laundry Folder will amaze you. It is so much fun and very easy to use. Turn your closets and drawers into a MIRACLE of organization! Visit their website at and order yours today!

Specific Features and Benefits of MiracleFold™:

• MiracleFold folds shirts and garments evenly & uniformly in just 5 seconds - in 5 quick & easy steps!
• MiracleFold saves so many hours in folding time & lets you spend more time doing the things you love!
• The MiracleFold will turn your closets and drawers into a MIRACLE of organization!
• MiracleFold is so much fun & easy to use, even your kids and spouse will be happy to join the action!
• MiracleFold works on any shirt and garment, and takes up close to ZERO storage space!
• MiracleFold features durable construction as it is manufactured from tough plastic, a no slip back, is easy to store and is perfect for home, retails stores, laundromats and travel.

Although the product dimensions is 1 x 9 x 23.5 inches and weight 2.5 pounds yet it is very handy and durable enough to last a lifetime and it even comes with attractive hook so you can hang it on the wall for quick and easy access. Available in different colors and I received an orange one. MiracleFold is very easy to clean and never requires maintenance or repair. MiracleFold also stores neatly in your laundry room or any closet and takes up close to zero space. The MiracleFold also benefits laundromats and retails stores by using its amazing folding power and speed. For only $24.99 at to where you can purchase the MiracleFold Laundry Folder Clothes Folder T-Shirts Pants Towels Organizer Fast Easy and Fun Time Saver, you will make your life way better and a lot easier so please visit today. Do please connect to MiracleFold by following on Twitter @MiracleFold and like their Facebook page to get updates and other information. Watch the video below for actual demonstration.


Bless said...

Want to have one so I can fold clothes fast :-) and hubby can use it too lol

Jerla Oh lalala said...

Doing laundry is indeed not an easy task, after we wash and dry all the loads we have to fold it and it takes forever especially when no one help us. But with this miracle fold kids can help us too :) love my blue miracle fold.

Jessica said...

This is a big help for busy Mommies like this :-) Miracle fold saves time and work like a magic :-)

amiable amy said...

I have been seeing some reviews for quiet some time but now, you got my attention Sheila :-) and my curiosity is getting bigger. Great review and I will check it out now.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

just visit..

Unknown said...

I always see them using those at clothing stores and I would love to have one. I am a terrible folder :)

Marika said...

Looks like a fun gadget to fold clothes neatly, I like it.

Cindi S World said...

Wow, this looks like a great thing to have around the house! I could get my 7 year old daycare kiddo to fold clothes for me when he says he is bored, lol!

we hate debt said...

I hate folding clothes with a passion! Laundry is my least favorite chore!

Unknown said...

Would love to try this out! I really suck at folding clothes. This would make it easier! :)

Pauchee C.

Unknown said...

I am way to lazy to use one of those! I love that they work but I'm not that kinda of girl!

Terri Grothe said...

i so want one of these :)

lalalaPatricia said...

Yay! This is awesome! I guess I need one to make it easier when folding!

Motherhood on the Rocks said...

Ingenious! I will have to look for this!

Eileen said...

This device will encourage my sons to help me with the folding chore. Where can I get one?

Malia said...

Ooh..i want one of these!

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