Monday, September 2, 2013

Post Vacation Post | Our Grand Summer Vacation

Summer is almost over and it's the beginning of the BER month too. I hope you all had fun and exciting summer vacation because we did. Oh yeah, our two weeks vacation to the Philippines was short but super fun and the grandest. Nothing so fancy and more on family and friends. All's well that ends well! We flew on the 4th of August after Justine's birthday. Got up around 4:00 to 4:30 in the morning then Joe's friend drove us to the airport. Thanks Alex. Our flight departed around 9:47 am from Pittsburgh to Chicago and to Korea where we had at least 6 hours stop over. Then from Seoul Korea bound to Mactan, Cebu.
The 6 hours stop over at Seoul Korea gave us ample time to relax and breath and preparing ourselves for the next long hours of plane ride. We arrived midnight which was technically on the 6th of August and the next day we got to meet some of my closest friend in Cebu City. We hanged out, did some catching up and had dinner. The next day we flew to Laguindingan Airport to meet my family (parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, cousins) We were lucky and glad that my brother brought his truck. First stop was my grandmother's place. The dragon and the hurricane (Justine & cousin Isaac) enjoyed chasing and playing with my uncle's rooster. I also got to see and met some of my high school buddies as they visited us in CDO where we stayed for three days. And of course, meeting with my online kumare and blog friend with her daughter Bella my inaanak was also great. We only stayed 3 days in Cagayan de Oro City and flew back to Cebu City. Our fun vacation continued by meeting some of my relatives, aunts, uncles and cousins. They were like my family in Cebu City and I used to stay in their house when I was in college. These are my aunts in my father' side. We also made a quick stop at the school (LBES) where I worked before and saw some of my co-teacher/friends. Then, got to see and met Camila and her family again as they were having their Philippine vacation too after 6 or 7 long years. Vacation was over on the 19th of august because our flight from Cebu to Seoul was 1:00 AM on the 20th. The moment you stepped on the plane we know that the plane ride wasn't that pleasant at all. It was brutal! Joe said. We arrived in New York at aroung 10:00 in the morning then in the afternoon our flight bound to Pittsburgh. Stayed uo for few minutes when we got home then off to lalalaland for the next 24 hours. Still, I would say it was the best vacation ever!c4d7a389caa76b2002d5b3b3fc0b8b491ce5439dfb4abbd8d7

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