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Friday, October 4, 2013

Canvas Press | Treasure the Moment with Canvas Print Review

Artistic creativity at its finest, excellent, beautiful, quality and so on and so fort are all I can say about the Canvas Print. I have given the opportunity by Canvas Press to try and create a unique portrait of 16x20 1.5" canvas print. Thank you canvas press for this beautiful piece of artwork. The package was delivered earlier than I expected. It was safely wrapped and boxed. I am so happy to finally see a decoration hanging up on our wall. A canvas print of my two adorable children with their grandparents in the Philippines who are million miles away from them. I hanged the picture up on the wall right at the hall way where the kids can easily see it. With this beautifully framed picture in canvas, my kids will always remember their Lolo and Lola and the precious moments they happily shared with them during our vacation to the Philippines. I want another canvas print of our family. This canvas print will also make a good gift ideas that you can give to your family and friends. canvas With every click of your camera it captures a wonderful moment. The moments are photographed and treasured forever. Save the photo or pictures in your computer and/or print it in hard copy then keep it in a picture album. One day you look back and through the pictures, you reminisce the beautiful memories and precious happenings, event, occasion, and milestones of your children, family, friends and life generally. Don't just frame those amazing photography. Transform the photos to canvas. Canvas print is a new option in preserving those treasured moment and a creative way to enhance the size of the picture you framed. Display and hang it in your wall to add personalize accent and decoration in your home. canvas The Photo to Canvas experts, helping you create custom canvas prints and artwork for home and office. Canvas Press can expertly craft your treasured photos and artwork into the highest quality canvas prints. Decorate your home or office, or give a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Canvas Press is a company with a small, family-feel. They are built on a passion for fine art and an exceptional product that exceeds all expectations. The treasure that arrives to your door is an investment that will amaze you and possibly re-inspire your entire d├ęcor. That is the powerful effect of art, especially art that you helped to create.
Create a timeless treasure with Canvas Press. Have that treasured photo of your bundle of joy, wonderful family and even amazing photography preserve. Put your photos on canvas, paintings on canvas, digital art on canvas, and more. I encourage you to check out Canvas Press today and browse at their artistic canvas collection. Learn more about their products and pricing. Make sure to subscribe to canvas press, Like Canvas Press on Facebook and follow them on Twitter/(@CanvasPress) to get all the latest and greatest news, offers, ideas & tips from Canvas Press!


(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

I absolutely love the canvas prints and yours turned out wonderful. So where are you going to place it in your home... or is it a gift for someone?

(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

Whoops.. I see it now on your wall. My computer keeps doing funny things and I didn't get a good look the first time. Very Nice!!

Ronnie E. said...

Great pic! It's going to look so good in your home. :)

Marika said...

What awesome pic, looks great on the wall too!

Melinda Dunne said...

I love canvas prints. I think they really make a photo extra special. This would be a great item to get for a gift for the holidays.

Cheeky Momma said...

Cute photo!

I love canvas prints and have several in our house. I also got one for my parents for Christmas this year of all their grandkids!

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

love canvas stuff, have several in my house

Jessica Harlow said...

What a great family photo! I love canvas prints...they really do make a house a home!

Matt Stearsman said...

These look cool! Your pics turned out great, I may get one of these done for Christmas gifts!

Aio Kona said...

Wonderful! It will be a good conversation piece for years and years!

Corinne Schmitt said...

I love canvas prints because it relieves me of having to make a bunch of decisions about frames and mats. The quality seems to vary quite a bit between companies though so it's good to find one that has good quality and at a reasonable price. Thanks for letting me know about Canvas Press.

ray_garf_kohler@yahoo.com said...

Nice family picture. I haven't tried canvas printing yet.

Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

what a great treasure to keep...am sure they'll always remember their grandparents even if they live thousands of miles away....I love the quality of their product!

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