Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Missing Watch in the Hands of my Lil' Sprites

Me: Sweetie have you seen my watch?
Justine: uhm No.
Me: Where is my watch Justine. (trying a different approach)
Justine: It's in my treasure chest that I got from Shaley's birthday.
I got sidetracked and caught up with other stuff, however I feel relieved that it's safe.

I remembered again my watch when we were about to leave for school that morning.
Me: Justine where is my watch, go get it. Justine: I said it's in my treasure chest, she answered with attitude.
I tried to look for her treasure chest but can't find it. Then again I got sidetracked and she refused to get that treasure chest.

Today as we were about to leave again this morning for school, at the last minute I asked her again after I made a quick run to her room and rummaged some of her stuffs but my watch in that treasure chest is no where to be found.
Me: Justine, go get your treasure chest, I need my watch.
Justine: I said it's in my room, you go get it.
We were running out of time and I know this girl will put a fight just to tease and annoy me. I'll just have her find it when she comes home from school this afternoon.
She is like this mythical creatures that we know about when we were kids who hides stuffs, we call it Duende back in our home country. Other names people call this mythical creatures that live in your house and take and hide things are sprites, borrowers, goblins, gremlins and etc. These are not real aren't they. Anyways, my lil dragon girl are like that as she followed after me and hide my stuff like winter gloves, hat, watch, food, books, cellphone and oh coke too but with coke she drinks it rather than hiding it. I had to ring my phone using our landline to find out where she hid it. She is something but I love her anyway.

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Dhemz said...

hhahaha...that's hilarious! sungog sungogon jud diay ka niya bayot...malingaw ko sa inyong conversation kay d jud ka kadaug...hehehe! ka cute raba sa iyang treasure chest...ang duwende tawon!

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